Bayonetta 2 Designer Appalled By IGN JP Gameplay

Hideki Kamiya was shocked how bad they player was

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Feb 2018

Recently, IGN JP released new gameplay footage of Bayonetta 2 and while the player playing wasn't the best at the game designer Hideki Kamiya had some choice words about the footage. 

Bayonetta IGN,NoobFeed,

On his official Twitter account, Kamiya expressed his utter horror of how bad the player playing was.

The way they play is fucking HORRIBLE. Are they serious!?

In a recent update, IGN did post a new video showcasing a much more faithful adaptation of Bayonetta's full powers. Kamiya response was "Practice BEFORE you upload videos".

Recently, Kamiya revealed the development timeline for the Bayonetta series. Explaining Nintendo as the primary reason the series continues to exist and why it's third entry is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 launches on Nintendo Switch February 16th.

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