God of War Doesn't Have Loading Screens

God of War just keeps getting more impressive

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Mar 2018

New information about God of War is constantly being introduced each day. Including the game going gold and how this version of Kratos would be different from past entries. Now we've learned that it won't have any loading screens.

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In a video featuring God of War Director of Cinematography, Dori Arazi explained how the game uses "Single-Shot Effect" to completely immerse the player, void of cuts, and errors or load screens.

Throughout the video, Arazi explains how the use of "Singe-Shot Effect" came into being and difficulty developing the process was. In addition, behind-the-scenes footage is shown of motion-capture actors needing to delivering their performance in one take without any mistakes.

Arazi explains how hard the process was, calling it a "herculean effort in communication" as both the cinematic teams and visual teams create a seamless transition between cinematics and gameplay.

Arazi goes into detail of why such methods were employed stating “the player would never have experienced anything like this before.” Arazi stats that, “When you combine a sense of documentary with a camera that doesn’t cut, you get a very empathetic point of view with the character,”

God of War is proving each day to be a stellar experience that not only challenges the established character of Kratos but games in general. Providing an experience that delivers a well-rounded action experience but also an emotional tale of someone trying to better than they were.

God of War launches on April 20th for PS4.

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