God of War Trailer Highlights Atreus' Importance to Kratos

Atreus is not just Kratos' son, he's his redemption

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Apr 2018

For those who've played God of War games, they know Kratos prefers to work alone and those who aid him in his journey usually end up dead. Atreus is a new addition, offering Kratos the chance to learn from his past mistakes and become a better person and the latest trailer focuses on the developers brought Atreus to life.

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In the trailer lead engineer, Jeet Shroff explained how Kratos in past games never needed help when it comes to fighting. As this is true, Kratos took down gods without anyone's help but now Kratos does have help.

Atreus doesn't take the spotlight from Kratos but according to Shroff attempting to find the right balance of turning him into a helpful addition instead of an annoyance has been difficult. Other games have attempted this to different degrees with BioShock: Infinite's Elizabeth being completely ignored by enemy NPCs and providing items and The Last of Us Ellie aiding in combat but also being largely ignored by NPCs. In God of War, players will have more control over Atreus.

In God of War Shroff stated having the player decided when to use Atreus gave players more control over situations. With a dedicated button ensures Areus won't get in the way but instead give the player control over his actions.

God of War releases on April 20th for PS4. Those who pre-order the game will get 3 in-game shield skins.

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