Despite the release of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Square Enix isn't done adding new content to the game. During a panel hosted at PAX East, Square Enix revealed future updates coming to the game.

Final Fantasy XV,Dawn of the Future,NoobFeed,

In a strange update, players will be able to replace Noctis in the single-player portion of the game with a custom avatar. Players with other avatars will appear as ghosts within the game as well, hiding treasure boxes that will increase in value for each day it isn't found.

A level editor was also confirmed for fall 2018. This will allow players to construct their own missions, dungeons, races, vehicles, and minigames.

DLC episodes were already confirmed, with Episode Ardyn leading the charge as the first of 4 DLC episodes coming this year. 

Episode I; Ardyn working title is “The Conflict of the Sage.”The second episode is Episode Side Story: Aranea, titled “The Beginning of the End” The third episode will be Episode II: Lunafreya, titled “The Choice of Freedom.” The last episode will be Episode III: Noctis, titled “The Final Strike.”

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is now available for Xbox One and PS4. The Windows 10 Edition is now available for PC. Images below provide more content into each episode, proceed at your own risk.

Final Fantasy XV,Dawn of the Future,NoobFeed,

Final Fantasy XV,Dawn of the Future,NoobFeed,Final Fantasy XV,Dawn of the Future,NoobFeed,Final Fantasy XV,Dawn of the Future,NoobFeed,

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