Fortnite’s v3.5 Brings Back 50v50 Mode

New update to Fortnite adds new changes and brings back an old favorite

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Apr 2018

Fortnite has taken the world by storm with its free-to-play Battle Royale mode. Released on every major platform and mobile devices Epic and People Can Fly's hit has had millions of players compete in large-scale battles. Now a new update is coming that does a lot more than general bug fixes.

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Bringing back the 50v50 mode for a limited time, in addition to new content, players can relive the early days of Fortnite. The biggest addition is the new Port-a-Fort item that builds a fort on the go that can change the entire playing, adding another variable to predict when fighting.

Of course, new items have been added to the Save the World game mode that many of the player base ignore. It adds new armor and weapons with a cyberpunk them. The full patch is available below.


Wood, Stone, and Metal resources will now always be the first items in the inventory list (e.g. instead of Traps).

Purchased V-Bucks are now shared between Xbox One, PC and Mobile.

Login Queue Improvements:

During wait periods, login will now remember your place in line if you quit out of the game and return.

Mobile devices will not enter the login queue more than once per login attempt.

Two-Factor Authentication challenges will not put you back into the login queue.

Bug Fixes

Adjusted the Login screen layout to better support varying screen sizes and safe zones.

Fixed a rare crash that occurred during logout.

Fixed PS4 players leaving their party after a match where they are playing with players on other platforms.

Fixed Survivor and Hero squads being locked after switching to Save the World from Battle Royale.

On PC, fixed PS4 controllers showing Xbox buttons, even after the controller type was changed in the settings.

Fixed rare cases in which character parts would stretch unnaturally.

(Example) Ears of the Rabbit Raider outfit.

Fixed the inability to rotate elements in the Battle Royale Locker after buying a Llama in Save the World.

Battle Royale


Save your matches and watch them from any angle!

Speed up or slow down the action.

Help tell your story better with player outlines and name plates.

Several Camera Modes to choose from:

Third Person

Follows and orbits around the selected player.

3 different follow modes; Off, Auto, Lazy.

Drone Follow

Drone style camera that always keeps the selected player in frame.

Drone Attach

Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player.

Drone Free

Drone style camera that is free to fly around the island.


This camera shows what the selected player saw during gameplay.

Adjust cinematic camera settings



Focal Length

Focus Distance

Currently available on PC and console only.


Port-a-Fort added.

Epic rarity.

Drops in stacks of 1. Can stack up to 5 in inventory.

When the Port-a-Fort is thrown, a pre-made fort is constructed instantly at the impact point.

The Port-a-Fort is made out of metal and is three stories tall.

The bottom floor is 1×1 with a door for entry. Tires inside allow for easy access to the roof.

Decreased Guided Missile maximum turn rate by 75%.

Reduced Guided Missile movement speed by 15%.

Added a short equip time to many weapons (particularly, those with a slower rate of fire).

This will reduce the effectiveness of quickly switching between weapons for high burst-damage.

Removed the reloading animation on the Pump Shotgun.

Weapons affected are:

Rocket Launcher

Hand Cannon


Tactical Shotgun

Pump Shotgun

Heavy Shotgun

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Hunting Rifle


Adjusted item availability in Vending Machines.

Reduced chance of Chug Jug by 50%.

Increased chance of Medium Ammo weapons in Rare Vending Machine by 100%.

Reduced chance of Explosive Ammo weapons in Rare Vending Machine by 50%.

Reduced chance of Explosive Ammo weapons in Epic Vending Machine by 25%.

Increased chance of Heavy Ammo weapons in Epic Vending Machine by 25%.

Reduced chance of Explosive Ammo weapons in Legendary Vending Machine by 25%.

Increased chance of Heavy Ammo weapons in Legendary Vending Machine by 25%.

Reduced drop rate of Remote Explosives in floor loot by roughly 33%.

Updated Medium Ammo inventory icon to make it more easily identifiable.

Bug Fixes

Fixed weapons floating in the air under certain network conditions after quickly switching between items.

Guided Missile weapon fixes:

Eliminating a downed player with a Guided Missile no longer reports as a self elimination.

Picking up an item at the same time as firing a Guided Missile will no longer cause the picked up item to disappear.

Firing a Guided Missile prior to the victory screen displaying will no longer prevent the player from returning to the lobby.

Players will now correctly spectate the player that eliminated them instead of spectating their own active missile.

While spectating a player that fires a missile, you will now follow the missile instead of the player.

Fixed an issue that caused the player to spectate a floating Guided Missile weapon on the starting island if they were eliminated by a missile during the match.

Fixed an issue preventing the player from firing a guided missile while riding a guided missile.

Fixed an issue causing the player’s name plate to display over the guided missile while controlling it.

Fixed an issue where the Rare Scoped Assault Rifle was incorrectly giving an Epic version in Vending Machines.

Fixed an issue causing the Loot Llama to be empty in Limited Time Modes.


Limited Time Mode: 50V50 v2

Two teams of 50 fight to the finish!

Due to this being a “large squad” mode, Profile Stats will not be tracked. Daily & Weekly challenges will still work, with the exception of the Squad-based challenges (‘Place Top 6 in Squads’, etc.).

Storm & Map

Each team has a bus, approaching the island from opposite directions. On the map, the friendly bus has a blue outline, enemy has red.

Final storm circle visible on minimap at start.

Players have 10 minutes to loot the map as the storm closes in on the circle, then 5 minutes to fight, and another 5 minutes as the storm shrinks to the end.

Supply drops come in batches of 3-6, fall every two minutes, and only land in the final storm circle.

Added dotted line to map, which indicates the “battle lines” between the two teams. Crossing the line will make running into enemies more likely.


Farming resources increased 75% over default.

Increased floor loot spawn likelihood by 15%.

Floor Loot spawns double ammo.

Ammo boxes spawn triple ammo.

Chests spawn double ammo & consumables.

Supply drops spawn double ammo, and an extra consumable, resource drop and trap.

Bug Fixes + Mode Improvements

Fixed a bug that created uneven teams where one side could have more than 50 players.

Downed players lose health more quickly than normal (10 health per tick).

New ‘Builder Pro’ controller configuration

This configuration is similar to “Combat Pro”, but optimized for fast placement of building pieces.

Wall, floor, stairs, and roof have designated buttons on controllers.

The first button press will switch to the mapped building piece, then every press after will place that piece.

To switch between materials or traps, press the Left D-Pad button.

New Squad Comms wheel

This allows you to communicate quickly without voice.

The following callouts are currently available:
Enemy Spotted, Need Meds, Need Shields, Need Materials, Need Weapon (context-sensitive), and Need Ammo (context-sensitive).

Defaults to ‘V’ key, Right D-Pad on controller, or in the Emote menu on Mobile.

The Loot Llama can now be opened through destruction as well as an interaction.

Added a blue tint to friendly traps to help distinguish them from enemy traps.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue preventing players from editing their own structures.

Supply Drop fixes:

Fixed an issue preventing players from opening supply drops in rare cases.

Fixed an issue causing supply drops to jitter as they fall if a player destroys the object that it landed on.

Fixed an issue causing supply drop loot to spawn in the air after the drop had been shot down.

Fixed an issue causing players to be pushed under the map if they stood under a falling supply drop.

Fixed an issue causing players to launch out of the map after landing on a supply drop.

Fixed an issue where building would be blocked for 3 seconds at a time under poor network conditions.

Fixed an issue causing controllers to vibrate during the skydiving phase when vending machines loaded into the world.

Fixed an issue that would hide structure health bars when the player aimed their weapon.

Fixed toggling aim down sights not returning to its previous state after reloading.

Fixed an issue where poor network conditions could prevent buildings from streaming in.

Fixed an issue where you could not select the same Banner Icon and color combination in Battle Royale that you have in Save the World.


Added unique equip/reload sounds for the following weapons (all others remain the same):

Epic/Legendary Assault Rifle

Heavy Shotgun

Pump Shotgun

Bolt-Action Sniper

Hunting Rifle

Added more variation to the Tactical SMG fire sound.

Added more variation to the medium-range Epic/Legendary Assault Rifle fire sound.

Bug Fixes

Remove the second “insert magazine” sound during the grenade launcher reload animation.


Bug Fixes

Fixed the controller button label for Toggle Map not shown after being eliminated.

Fixed a bug in the Locker that made skydive previews appear without the correct animation.

Fixed text on the minimap that was too small.

Fixed the map marker not retaining its location when zooming in and out.

Fixed an issue with map markers not pinning at your cursor when placing them while zoomed in.

The controller analog stick can now be used to scroll the map while zoomed in.

Fixed an issue causing the eliminated player count displaying as zero when spectating a Guided Missile.


Tweaked the object pop in animation so objects ease in rather than pop in.

Bug Fixes

Fixed inconsistent Battle Bus position changes that could occur every few seconds.

Fixed the Rock Paper Scissors emote so that it replicates properly in the lobby.

Fixed the Rainbow Smash and Candy Axe harvesting tools not always activating.

Fixed the Guided Missile firing animation so that it plays properly while spectating the player that is firing the weapon.

Reduced the size of Mushrooms that were too large.


Major optimizations + improvements made to console load times and CPU performance.

We’ve made some data layout optimizations in order to improve load times and performance. Load times reduced by 25-30 seconds as a result of these changes on Xbox One and around 10 seconds on PS4. On both platforms, we expect to see fewer issues with geometry or cosmetics failing to load in time, and FPS drops during skydiving. The Xbox One download will be larger than normal in this release as a result of these optimizations. We’re working to minimize the impact of this type of optimization in future releases. – Developer Comment

Reduced download and patch size for players who just have access to Battle Royale (PC only).

Fixed various issues causing the game to freeze up/hitch while loading assets, especially on console. These assets are now preloaded before the game starts.

Optimized servers to reduce network lag when firing weapons and taking damage.


Audio indicator no longer shows silenced weapons, crouched footsteps or ally pickaxes.

Multiple graphical improvements were made to the skybox, vegetation and anti-aliasing.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused input to continue when no longer touching the screen.

Fixed an issue where the message about jailbroken devices being unsupported wasn’t being shown

Attempting to play using a jailbroken device will result in being kicked.

Fixed various interacting actions, including:

Icons not showing properly on lower-end devices

Supply Drops not being able to be opened.

Doors not consistently opening and closing.

The Map not being able to be zoomed & panned.

Instances where accidental button presses would occur.

Fixed an issue causing Revolver and Grenade Launcher ammo to float outside the gun.

Save the World


Enabled environmental damage for ranged weapons.

Percentage of damage done to the environment varies by weapon.

Environmental damage scaling for ranged weapons should remain consistent relative to the health of the environment, taking into account the rarity and alterations on the weapon.

NOTE: Environmental damage increases with tier and rarity only and is not multiplied through Offense.

Ranged weapons can not damage structures you or your team have built.

[Rework] Outlander Fragment

Fragment abilities, other than the Loot Llama, no longer require equipped Fragment ammo to activate.

Fragment abilities now have a cooldown and Energy cost, as other abilities do.

Fragment abilities are now improved when the Outlander expends Fragment ammo in their activation.

Fragment Ammo capacity has been dramatically increased.

[Rework] Melee Weapons + Environment

Melee weapons (aside from Pickaxes) can no longer damage structures that you or your team have built, and have had their environmental damage increased.

Environmental damage scaling for on-level melee weapons should now feel more consistent, relative to the health of the environment

NOTE: Environmental damage increases with tier and rarity only, and is not multiplied through Offense.

Axes do increased damage against wood. Hardware does increased damage against stone.Swords, Clubs, Scythes, and Spears do not favor any material type.

[Rework] Anomaly

Anomaly rewards increased, changed from BluGlo to mission rewards.

Anomaly shards will take full damage from the Pickaxe, reduced damage from other melee weapons, and can no longer be damaged by projectiles (Throwing Stars, Rockets, etc).

Crafting queue size increased from 10 to 20 (this means 1 in production and up to 19 pending).

Cozy Campfire no longer grants any Utility score for healing and instead grants more for placing the trap.

Falling Damage has been adjusted so that damage occurs at higher heights.

Players now first take damage after falling 1300+ units instead of falling 850 Units

(Example) You can now walk off a 3 story building, but you can’t jump off.

Initial fall damage increased from 5% max HP to 10% max HP.

Next Damage Threshold is now 20% max HP at 3 tiles.

Next Damage Threshold is now 50% max HP at 3.75 tiles.

Next Damage Threshold is now Knockdown at 4.5 tiles.

Farther than 4.5 tiles will also result in Knockdown.

Enemy fall damage values have been adjusted to be in line with these changes.

The vehicles that Survivors stand on top of will no longer take damage from ranged or melee weapons.

Only the Pickaxe can damage them.

Increased wood, stone, and metal stack size and carry limits.

The default building resource capacity has been increased from 999 to 2000.

Building Resource Capacity nodes have replaced the previously existing Weapon Skill nodes in the Skill Tree. These new nodes allow players to upgrade their resource carrying ability by 1000 apiece to a maximum of 5000 per type.

Weapon Skill has been effectively uncapped since v3.3, which allowed us the opportunity to remove and repurpose their nodes in the skill tree. So don’t worry – your ability to use weapons of all levels remains unchanged! – Developer Comment

Existing items will not automatically restack.

You can condense stacks by dropping and picking up items or transferring between backpack and storage.

Economy Tuning

Increased Hero and Schematic Quest XP for Stonewood, up to Mid Plankerton.

Players who have already completed these Quests will be awarded the difference.

Challenge Quests have been extended to 20 Stages.

The ‘Leave No One Behind’ Challenge Quest now awards Survivor XP, scaled based on stage.

Players who have already completed Stages 1-10 of this Quest line will be awarded the Survivor XP.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a long delay that occurred when joining a party when first loading-in on PS4.

Fixed an issue that could cause BluGlo pylons to spawn on top of one another.

The buff from BluGlo pylons is no longer lost after 10 minutes.

Fixed an issue that would cause players to pick up items much slower than normal.


New Questline: Into the Storm: Opening Act

Accompany Lars and Ray on their journey into Lars’ past in the brand new questline, ‘Into the Storm’!

Brand new Survive the Storm map – Thunder Route 99.

For more details about Thunder Route 99, head here.

Into the Storm Llama is available in the Loot Tab.

Cost: 1000 Storm Tickets

Event Llama guarantees at least one Epic (or higher) Neon Weapon or Cyberpunk Hero

Every 1000 Firecracker Tickets will be converted into a Spring Llama.

Quest Rewards:

Choice of Legendary Ranged Neon Weapon (Pistol, Shotgun, Assault).

Survive the Storm returns!

Improved rewards.

Added Spring It On! Gold, scaled by difficulty and number of days completed.

Improved the amount of Hero / Schematic / Survivor XP earned.

Increases more with difficulty and number of days completed.

Increased the rarity of items (Survivors, Schematics, Transform Keys, etc.) that drop from Survival mode, especially at high difficulties.

Reduced the number of low-rarity items that drop.

Mission Alerts award between 300 and 1500 tickets, scaled based on Survival length and difficulty.

Quota: Three 3-Day Survivals per 24 hours.

Quota: One 7-Day Survival per 24 hours.

Added side quests with new banner rewards!

Power 15 Event Themed Banner + 1000 Storm Tickets.

Power 40 Event Themed Banner + 1000 Storm Tickets.

Power 70 Event Themed Banner + 1000 Storm Tickets.

Changed the Survival Mode vote to skip the day to majority vote (from unanimous) to keep consistent with all other voting.

Mutant Storms

Mutant Storms are more active during this event and award between 100 and 240 Storm Tickets, scaled based on difficulty.

Quota: 10 per 24 hours.

Repeatable Quest to complete 2 Mutant Storm Mission Alerts that awards 100 Spring It On! Gold

Opt-in difficulty boost and group missions do not award tickets during this event.

Mini-boss Mission Alerts can no longer be selected if you have not unlocked the mission the alert is attached to.

This will prevent low-level players from attempting Mission Alerts that are too difficult for them, unless they are invited into a group by a higher-level friend.

Mimic Reward Updates:

Mimics will always award the equivalent to at least a Level 3 (Blue) Treasure Chest.

Some Mimics will instead award the equivalent to a Level 4 (Purple) Treasure Chest.

‘Evacuate the Shelter’ adjustments:

In non-group missions, the number of enemies needed to be killed after reaching the shelter has been reduced to 10 per players in zone instead of 35

The final encounter in non group missions has been reduced to 6 minutes from 8

‘Repair the Shelter’ adjustments:

See-Bot will no longer be attacked on arrival.

See-Bot will now arrive with a 5 minute counter. After 5 minutes it will leave to recharge and then return later to a different location on the map.

The Husk attack now begins when a player deploys the See-Bot. See-Bot is safe before then.

Players have 5 minutes to start the scan and then defend See-Bot.

Husk attack difficulty has been reduced for first two attacks.

Shelter will now automatically start diagnostic scan when player reaches the shelter instead of having to interact with it.

Decreasing the difficulty of the mission and initial combat encounter allowed us to double down on the mission core: scrambling to rescue a sieged shelter and creating a time pressure. -Developer Comment

With the automatic diagnostic scan the length of time until first raid occurs has been increased to 8:30 minutes after diagnostics are complete to allow more time to prepare, used to be 6:30 minutes.

Progress for the quest ‘Air Quotes’ is now given when the first 25 enemies have been successfully eliminated after activating the Storm Chest. Rather than having to eliminate all waves of enemies before the timer is up.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where some players were locked out of their Storm Shield.

Visual level of Survival mission reward chest increased (so it reaches max-level chest appearance at 7 days).


Cyberpunk Heroes added, available in the new ‘Into the Storm’ event Llama.

Bullet Storm Jonesy (New Soldier Subclass)
Bullet Storm: Uses high magazine weapons to build up attack speed and mow down enemies.

New Perks:

Start Up – Firing with a ranged weapon increases rate of fire by 1.2% per shot for up to 20 shots. Resets on reload or weapon switch.

Start Faster – Increases ‘Start Up’ rate of fire bonus to 2.4% per shot.

Harvester Sarah (New Ninja Subclass)
Harvester: Close range scythe Ninja who uses Smoke Bomb and Shadow stance to survive on the battlefield.

New Perks:

Scythe to Meet You – Scythe attacks apply a 30% snare for 1 second.

Late Arrival – Scythes deal 48% increased damage to slowed or snared targets.

Heavy BASE Kyle (New Constructor Subclass) –
Heavy BASE: Constructor focused on taking down enemies within BASE to charge up a great energy nova.

New Perks:

Feel the BASE – BASE generates energy when enemies die within the area affected by BASE. After 30 kills BASE emits an explosion that knocks husks back and deals damage in a 3 tile radius.

Turn Up the BASE – Increases the radius of ‘Feel The BASE’ by 2 tiles and damage by 80%.

New Tactical Perk:

Feel the BASE – BASE generates energy when enemies die within the area affected by BASE. After 30 kills BASE emits an explosion that knocks husks back and deals damage in a 3 tile radius.

T.E.D.D. Shot Jess (New Outlander Subclass)
T.E.D.D. Shot: Deploys T.E.D.D.Y. to provide cover fire while sniping foes from a distance.

New Perks:

Quick Scope – Increases sniper rifle rate of fire by 35%.

Precision Handling – Hitting a headshot increases the speed of your next reload by 7% (Max 35%). Resets after reloading.

Eye on the Prize – Getting 15 headshot kills grants 1 Charge Fragment.

New Support Perk:

Sure Shot – Increases sniper rifle critical hit damage by 35%, 53%, 70%.


Shock Tower

No longer requires a Fragment to operate.

Cooldown has been set to 60 seconds.

Stamina cost has been set to 50.

Using a Fragment will reduce the cooldown by 30% and reduce the stamina cost to 0.

Damage has not been adjusted.


No longer requires a Fragment to operate.

Cooldown has been set to 60 seconds.

Stamina Cost has been set to 50.

Using a Fragment will reduce the cooldown by 30% and reduce the stamina cost to 0.

Damage has been unadjusted.

Impossibility Matrix

Now increases the cooldown reduction for ‘Shock Tower’ and ‘T.E.D.D.Y.’ to 50% when using a Fragment.

Fragment Ammo

Cap has been increased to 25 + Llama fragment.

Llama Fragment

Acquiring a Llama Fragment now immediately resets the cooldown of all your Fragment abilities.



Increased the maximum storage capacity of BASE Recycling from 150 to 450.


Increased the maximum storage capacity of BASE Hyperthreading from 300 to 900.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the ‘Plasma Pulse’ tooltip wouldn’t reflect the current ‘I.F.F. Coding’ functionality.

Fixed an issue with Fragment Flurry Jess and Shamrock Reclaimer’s support bonus ‘Energized’ not scaling correctly across multiple star levels.

Fixed an issue where ‘Dragonslash’ caused Ninjas to lose collision against Heroes and Enemies.

Fixed an issue where ‘Decoy’ wasn’t taking damage from Husks.

Fixed an issue that could cause ‘Mantis Leap’ to stack velocity infinitely.


Neon Weapon set added, available in the new ‘Into the Storm’ event Llama.

Ranged Weapons:

Argon Assault Rifle

Helium Shotgun

Krypton Pistol

Melee Weapons:

Argon Axe

Krypton Sword

Neon Scythe

Impulse Grenade

Doubled the knockback distance against enemies.

No longer affects allies.

Easter Egg Launcher Eggs no longer detonate when a player is downed but are cleared when a player respawns or disconnects.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where crystal Scavenger melee weapons had the same durability as ore Scavenger melee weapons.

Fixed an issue where the Vacuum Tube Spear and Axe knocked enemies back instead of stunning them in place.

Dragon’s Might shotgun projectiles no longer bounce off of deep water.

Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Might shotgun projectiles weren’t exploding on contact with enemies.

Bullet tracers shot from other players single shot weapons no longer travel through walls.

Fixed an issue where the Boost Trap would give more resources than intended from recycling.


Added an option to show a Collection Book indicator on items in the Armory menus.

Added an option to toggle whether or not ‘Favorite’ items are grouped together in the Armory menus.Added tooltip text for the cinematics volume setting in the audio settings tab.

Items in the Armory that don’t have stats no longer display a stats panel.

Replaced references of the word “Vault” with “Armory” in skill tree nodes.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players using the Combat Pro control scheme would see “Unable to Edit Building” when pressing the button to get on their Hoverboard.

Fixed an issue where the ‘Place Trap’ controller button icon was missing when using the Combat Pro control scheme.

Updated reward summary cards to no longer be selectable once they move off screen.

Fixed an issue where damage return values for Traps that deal elemental damage were not indicating what type of elemental damage was dealt.

Updated Electrical Wall and Ceiling Trap descriptions to mention their elemental damage traits.

Fixed a spelling error in the Mythic Wukong Berserker description.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from selecting options (mute, add friend, etc.) in chat.

Fixed an issue where the camera would jump when zooming in on a skill tree tier.

Fixed the ‘Import Friends’ button not being selectable with a controller.

Fixed 4-player level difficulty being cut off in the in-zone objectives screen.

Fixed the ‘Research’ purchase button’s cost icon being offset when using a controller.

Fixed BluGlo having the ‘Equip’ button active in the in-zone inventory.

Fixed a crash that occurred when typing a comma while naming your Homebase.

Updated player revive screen text.


Metal toilets now plays a metal sound when destroyed.

Unsearched shopping carts now have impact sounds.

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