Destiny 2 Getting Harder With Warmind Update

As you get stronger so do the enemies

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Apr 2018

Season 3 in Destiny 2 is not only adding new content with the Warmind expansion pass but harder enemies.

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Bungie confirmed to "provide a more challenging experience for players when they take on higher-leveled activities." Basically, the higher your level the stronger enemies will become.

This a major difference of how both Destiny games handled PvE enemies. In Destiny 1, enemies 10 levels below the level cap dropped quickly. Destiny 2 maintained a consistent difficulty but with these changes makes the experience much more like the original.

Change our outgoing player damage scaling vs. higher-leveled combatants to be steeper (make them more difficult), similar to Destiny. As a result, higher-leveled combatants will take longer to kill than they currently do—but if you’re at or above their level, you can still melt them (like you’ve come to love) with Update 1.1.4.


Extend our outgoing and incoming damage scaling from capping at a 40 power level delta to a 50 power level delta. Currently, in Destiny 2, our scaling only affects the difficulty of combatants up to 40 Power levels  above the player before plateauing. Increasing this to 50 Power levels adds a little more room for players to show off how badass they really are.

When combatants are 50 Power levels or higher above the player, they will be immune and display a “??” icon on their nameplate. OG Guardians probably remember the first time they stumbled across the Hive in the depths of Cosmodrome. We wanted to bring back that feeling of mystery and provide challenges for the player to come back to later in their journey.

Change combatant energy shields to fulfill the following: Matching energy element damage to shields is most effective (roughly 3x damage plus the current shield detonation), followed by non-matching energy (roughly 2x damage), and Kinetic damage won’t have any bonus damage multiplier. To further incentivize the matching game, the 3x multiplier for matching damage types is not affected by the damage scaling of higher-leveled combatants until the combatants display the “??” nameplates.


The previous change also allows us to bring back Match Game as an additional Prestige Nightfall modifier for extra points and bragging rights. When this modifier is enabled, all non-matching damage to energy shields is reduced to 10%, so make sure your fireteam is coordinating appropriately. The current plan is for Match Game to launch along with the rest of these difficulty changes.

Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Warmind and Season 3 begins May 8th.

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