11 Weapons Added To Battlefield 1 In Newest Update

Battlefield 1's Scout class also received a new way to communicate weapon sweet spot.

By Woozie, Posted 08 May 2018

While Battlefield 2018 looms on the horizon, its World War I counterpart has received a new update which expands the available arsenal and adds a new way of communicating the sweet spot for Scout class weapons. Eight of the added weapons are variants of existing ones, such as the M1917 Enfield Silenced or the Ribeyrolles 1918 Optical, while the Annihilator Trench joins the Welsh Blade and Sickle as entirely new additions to Battlefield 1. The Annihilator Trench and Sickle are the only ones which require unlocking through Weapon Assignments, the others being unlocked straight away.

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Scouts have a new option when it comes to communicating their weapon's sweet spot in the form of depth of field that can be toggled on or off. When on, anything outside the sweet spot will be blurry, only to clear up when inside the sweet spot range. Holding your breath will expand the focus range, allowing to see everything in your field of view more clearly. Opponents will know when they're inside a Scout's sweet spot range thanks to the rainbow lens flare that now appears. Marksman and Patrol weapons join Sniper variants in having scope glints. You can find more information, alongside a table detailing weapon sweet spot ranges in the post on the Battlefield website.

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