Battlefield 5 Announcement Coming May 23rd According to Easter Egg

Battlefield 5 announcement coming this month?

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 May 2018

Battlefield players are notorious for being adamant about hunting down easter eggs such as the notorious Megalodon shark. Now it would seem that community has discovered a new easter egg hinting at the reveal date for Battlefield 5.

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EA has already confirmed that a new Battlefield is set to release this year but that's all the information we have. According to the Battlefield 1 easter egg found on the Fort de Vaux Map is hidden behind a locked door with a coded lock the reveal is coming May 23rd.

The easter egg contains an unfinished painting of a white horse and ceiling pipes that drip water. The water drips in Morse code that spells out (seriously this is some FNAF's level easter egg). When plugged into a web browser it takes you to an image that states May 23rd, 2018 #battlefield.

A fan dug through the source code and found that the page's code refers to Battlefield 5. It's unclear what the date means but since DICE is working on a reveal trailer it could mean that's when EA will release the debut trailer. As for the white horse, this could point to the WW2 setting that has been rumored for the game as it's unlikely to be part of a modern military shooter.

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