Xbox Game Pass Removing 21 Games This Month

Xbox Game Pass losing games

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 May 2018

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is one of the most popular features on the Xbox One. Offering hundreds of games for $9.99 from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 library. However, like other subscription services items are added and removed over the course of its availability. 21 games are scheduled to be removed from Xbox Game Pass this month.

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The following games will be removed from the service by the end of May.

Xbox One


Defense Grid 2

Blood Bowl 2

Xbox 360

Age of Booty

The BioShock trilogy

de Blob 2


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

Dig Dug


Final Fight: Double Impact

SEGA Vintage Collection Golden Axe

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Bound by Flame

Sacred 3

SEGA Vintage Collection Alex Kidd & Co.

XCOM: Enemy Within

It's unclear why these games are being removed but it's likely to add new games. Rotating titles is a commonly practiced used by other services but sometimes it could also be a contract issue where games are offered only for a specific amount of time.

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de Blob 2


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