Boss Key Productions Closing, Radical Heights Servers Remain Online

LawBreakers and Radical Heights developer closes its doors

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 May 2018

Today, co-founder of Boss Key Production, Cliff Bleszinski, announced that the studio who developed LawBreakers and Radical Heights is closing down.

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Founded over 4 years ago Cliff Bleszinski

In his full statement, Bleszinski explained that:

“four years ago I set out to make a world class video game studio and I hired some of the best talent in the videogame [sic] industry,” and noted that the studio’s debut title LawBreakers was “a great game that unfortunately failed to gain traction.”

A statement:

— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) May 14, 2018

Following the studio's closure Cliff Bleszinski stated that he will be taking some time off to reflect on the studio's development and address personal and family issues. He also stated that servers for Radical Heights will remain up for the "near future".

Bleszinski also thanked the studio's employees, friends, family, and others who supported him and the studio over the years.

On behalf of everyone here at NoobFeed, we would like to wish the studio's staff the best of luck and thank you for the wonderful games.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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