Oxygen Not Included's Cosmic Upgrade Adds New Space Biome, Klei Titles On Sale Until June 21st

Duplicants can now also die horribly on top of the asteroid, not just inside it.

By Woozie, Posted 14 Jun 2018

Another six weeks have passed meaning that Oxygen Not Included's latest upgrade is now live. The Cosmic Upgrade opens up new territory for building as Duplicants are no longer limited to the interior of the asteroid. Solar light is now accessible and can be harnessed for electricity using solar panels; meteor showers bring new resources but also smash to bits anything not protected by meteor-proof walls.

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Some elements of the previous Ranching Upgrade were given extra attention as well with eggs becoming unviable if stored for too long and pens now having limits and allowing for automatic wrangling and transfer. You'll find the detailed changes over on the Klei forums. Going through the content released since I previewed Oxygen Not Included back in July of last year makes me want to go back and give it another shot.

Klei games are on sale until the 21st of June, which means you can get your hands on Oxygen Not Included (which is still in Early Access) for the discounted price of 18,39€ or your regional equivalent.

Bogdan Robert, NoobFeed

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