How Microtransactions Work in Anthem Explained

Microtransactions won't be pay to win in Anthem

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Jul 2018

Microtransactions are one of the most dreaded words in video games, alongside loot boxes. Some companies have been providing unnecessarily aggressive ways to use the system such as limiting them to cosmetics. Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Anthem, talked about the system briefly.


According to Darrah, the system will not feature loot boxes, which was confirmed at E3 2018, and no pay-to-win system found in the original Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Gamers might be relieved to hear such comments but as the loot box and microtransaction controversy grows many gamers are vexed how certain cosmetics are being locked behind a paywall. One case being Destiny 2's Eververse.

Vanity items don't affect gameplay but RPG fans value the weapons and armors appearance just as much. Consider how much time and effort goes into collecting skins in titles such as Fortnite and Overwatch. This is much more apparent in RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Xenoblade where weapon appearance is a huge deal to players. Since Anthem is largely a game that involves collecting items to upgrade your Javelin cosmetics will also play a huge role in the game.

Anthem releases February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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