Chasm Finally Releasing After 6 Years in Development

After 6 years Chasm releases this month

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Jul 2018

Chasm has been in development for 6 years by Bit Kid but now the procedurally generated Metroidvania game is finally releasing on PC, PS4, and PS Vita on July 31st.

Chasm has players in control of a new recruit of the Guildean Kingdom army who is taking on his first mission. Heading into a mine to investigate why it was shut down the journey has players exploring vast sections of procedurally generated rooms that can house a variety of challenges. According to the developer, there are 80 types of enemies, 10 bosses, and 130 equipable items.

James Petruzzi, Director of Chasm, discussed the game’s lengthy development:

“We started development on Chasm about 6 years ago and put everything we had into it. Thanks to the support and patience of our wonderful Kickstarter backers and our families, we’ve been able to achieve the original vision I had for the game without compromise. I’m so excited to finally share it with the world.”

Chasm is set to release on PC, PS4, and PS Vita on July 31 for $19.99. Check out the screenshots below!

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Platform(s): PS4, PC
Publisher(s): BitKid, Inc.
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