WWE 2K19 Reveals Ronda Rousey as Second Pre-Order Bonus Character

Ronda Rousey makes her wrestling video game debut in WWE 2K19

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jul 2018

After making the transition from MMA to professional wrestling, Ronda Rousey has been making good use of her many talents fighting and competing in the WWE. With the talented warrior joining the ranks of WWE 2K19 as a pre-order character.

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She'll join Ray Mysterio as the second pre-order character who was revealed last week as the first pre-order character. A new trailer has been provided to showcase Ronda preparing herself for an upcoming battle.

Rousey has appeared before in EA Sports UFC 2 as a playable character. 

WWE 2K19 launches October 9th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Players who purchase the WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition, available in both physical and digital varieties at participating retailers, will receive Early Access to their game copies and in-game bonuses beginning four days early on Friday, October 5, 2018, for the PS4TM system, Xbox One and Windows PC. The WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition includes the following items:

Copy of WWE 2K19 video game with Deluxe Edition packaging;

Access to WWE 2K19 Season Pass digital content (details announced this summer);

Access to WWE 2K19 pre-order bonus digital content (playable Rey Mysterio "Royal Rumble 2018" character and playable Ronda Rousey "WrestleMania 34/Roddy Piper-inspired" character);

Access to WWE 2K19 Collector's Edition digital content (details announced this summer)

Players who purchase the WWE 2K19 Collector's Edition at participating retailers will also receive Early Access to their game copies and in-game bonuses beginning four days early on Friday, October 5, 2018 for the PS4TM system and Xbox One. The WWE 2K19 Collector's Edition includes the following items:

Copy of WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition, which includes the following items:

Copy of WWE 2K19 video game with Deluxe Edition packaging;

Access to WWE 2K19 Season Pass digital content (details announced this summer);

Access to WWE 2K19 pre-order bonus digital content (playable Rey Mysterio "Royal Rumble 2018" character and playable Ronda Rousey "WrestleMania 34/Roddy Piper-inspired" character);

Access to WWE 2K19 Collector's Edition digital content (details announced this summer);

Premium packaging;

Exclusive and rare physical collectibles;

Limited Edition WWE® SuperCard content.

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