State Of Mind Is An Upcoming Dystopian Thriller From Daedalic Entertainment

State Of Mind is set to release later this month.

By Woozie, Posted 04 Aug 2018

State Of Mind is Daedalic Entertainment's next project, set to release later this month. The title is a futuristic thriller set in a dystopian world.

"The world is on the brink. Lack of resources, illnesses caused by polluted air and water, crime on the rise, war. Governments and companies promise remedies through technological progress. Drones and humanoid robots replace humans in the public sector, everything is interconnected, surveillance has become omnipresent.", its Steam store page reads. Players will control journalist Richard Nolan, one of the few people criticizing the current state of affairs, alongside five other playable characters.

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State Of Mind will move from more focused events like a domestic drama to worldwide conspiracies, featuring themes such as digitalism, surveillance and transhumanism. At the center of it all lies the question of whether a digital utopia could truly save humanity. State Of Mind is set to release on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on August 15th and is available for pre-order. Give its story trailer a look.

Bogdan Robert, NoobFeed

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