Creative Assembly Explains Differences Between The Two Modes In Total War: Three Kingdoms

Heroes will play differently in Total War: Three Kingdoms' two modes.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Aug 2018

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes the grand strategy series to Ancient China next spring and, after its announcement, we learned that we should expect two modes from the game. The modes in question are Classic, based on historical sources, and Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, based on the eponymous historical epic. Until recently little information was known about them, but a blog post on the Total War website now delves into a some of the differences between the two modes.

"Classic Mode is everything you’ve come to expect from eighteen years of historical Total War: a commitment to historical authenticity, grand-scale conquest, empire management, and the struggle for ultimate military control at the heart of one of history’s greatest conflicts."

"Romance Mode is where things get a little different for the series – but not wildly so. [...] It still depicts the actual events, conflicts and political narrative of the period, but with embellishments and embroideries dialling the epic up to 11, as characters perform legendary deeds in both the stateroom and the midst of battle."

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Essentially, the largest differences will be felt in how heroes play on the battlefield and the role they fulfill in the campaign. In Romance mode, they'll be single unit powerhouses with combat abilities, able to determine a battle's outcome, not unlike their Total War: Warhammer cousins. In Classic mode, they'll be stripped of their abilities and joined by a retinue, which should be a familiar sight for players of older Total War titles.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will also feature duels, present in both modes. Romance mode duels can be triggered by choosing an option and the actions you take will play a role in determining the winner. In Classic mode, duels will begin organically, involve the hero's retinue and shift focus towards managing the rest of your army, given the lack of abilities. Classic mode battles will also, on average, last longer.

As the TL;DR at the end of the post puts it, "Classic Mode is more a game of statecraft, Romance Mode is more a game about characters.".  It's an interesting approach which could entice some of the players who jumped on board with Total War: Warhammer to perhaps give Three Kingdoms a try. We'll see how things turn out when Total War: Three Kingdoms launches in Spring 2019.

Bogdan Robert, NoobFeed

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