Surviving Mars Receives Relaxed Creative Mode And Quality Of Life Improvements In Latest Update

The "Da Vinci" update is live on PC and will come to consoles soon.

By Woozie, Posted 06 Aug 2018

The latest update for Surviving Mars is now live on PC and brings with it a few additions and changes that should make Mars a tad bit more hospitable for would-be colonists. The newly added Creative Mode stands at the forefront, meant to allow for more relaxed playthroughs which have everything unlocked. Some of the rules in Creative Mode involve rockets travelling ten times faster, buildings that don't malfunction and additional starting funds and research.

Aside from the new mode, players can assign a desired number of resources to storages and depots which drones will attempt to maintain. Adjacent power producers and consumers no longer require a cable to connect to each other and a handy follow camera allows for following colonists and vehicles while removing the UI.

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The "Da Vinci" Update also includes a series of balance changes and quality of life improvements. The initial cargo for all sponsors will include a Stirling Generator prefab and more drones now. Drones are now 20% faster and have batteries that last longer, while shuttles require less fuel to operate. On the disaster front, cable faults and pipe leaks now only happen during disasters. The effects disasters have on colonists have now been randomized, while buildings left without powers during a cold wave freeze over the course of 24 hours now. Have a look at the forum post detailing all the changes. The update will arrive on consoles "shortly after".

Since launch, Surviving Mars has recevied a number of additions in free updates and DLC inculding dome-connecting passages, a tutorial and mysteries.

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