Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2 Nintendo Switch Bundle Coming to Walmart Exclusively

Walmart gets its own Nintendo Switch bundle

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Aug 2018

Walmart and Nintendo are joining together to sell an exclusive bundle that provides 1 free game at the cost of a system and 1 game. This bundle includes a Nintendo Switch, 1-2 Switch, and Mario Tennis Aces for $359.99.

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That means you'll get 1 free game for the bundle. However, the system is your standard Nintendo Switch console with no special decorations to it.

Jump into the world of #NintendoSwitch or start your holiday shopping extra early with this Nintendo Switch bundle featuring #MarioTennis Aces and #12Switch for only $359! Available exclusively at Walmart starting 9/5.

Mario Tennis Aces recently release this summer and have received high scores for its intense multiplayer action and robust story mode. 1-2 Switch didn't fare as well, with lukewarm scores since the game lacked any meaningful replayability and served mostly as a tech demo for the Switch's many functions. 

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