BattleTech's second post-launch patch is now live. This time around, quality-of-life improvements were the focus alongside a good number of fixes. Players can now skip the prologue, comprised of a handful of missions of cutscenes, for a faster start to subsequent campaigns. In combat, Morale has been replaced with Resolve. Resolve is gained consistently each round, the amount being based on the Morale value on the Argo. The additions expand to a Memorial Wall, keeping track of deaths and other stats, the ability to restart missions without loading saves, more sorting options for inventory, new events, alongside many others.

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The patch notes were prefaced by a couple of other announcements. The Linux build development ran into some issues but is now back on track, with the build expected to enter beta in the next weeks. French, German and Russian localizations, however, were unfortunately delayed for another couple of months. Lastly, MechWarrior abilities are being revised. The beta branch is now live and the changes to abilities will come to the full build with Battletech's patch 1.3. Check out the entire announcement, which includes reasons for the delay and the full patch notes, as well as the developer diary delving into the changes to abilities.

BattleTech will also receive an expansion called Flashpoint in November.

Bogdan Robert, NoobFeed

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