S.O.N’s New Gameplay Trailer is Unsettling and Gives a Release Date

S.O.N. releasing this December

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Oct 2018

S.O.N. (or South of Nowhere) has been on the radar for many horror fans for its cryptic and unnerving series of trailers. The latest one provides the same uneasy feeling of being stalked within an unknown area and a release date.

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S.O.N. launches on PS4 this December 11th for PS4. For those unaware, the tale is about Robert Alderson searching for his missing son in Pennsylvania in a forest called "South of Nowhere". I doubt we'll see Courage the Cowardly Dog there but what is certain is that this forest has some dark secrets ending with "you're going to die". What a cheery place.

S.O.N. (or South of Nowhere) is a PS4 exclusive launching on December 11, 2018.

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