Mothergunship Gets A New Story Campaign In Its Namegineers Update

A new mode, new enemies and balance changes are also part of the update.

By Woozie, Posted 10 Oct 2018

Bullet Hell FPS Mothergunship is now bigger after its Namegineers update dropped today on PC. The update adds a new story campaign, which sees "the Resistance brings on an unfortunate number of new crew members, discovers a mysterious new threat to humanity, reveals chilling secrets about the Alien Armada, and then fails horribly at giving any of them good names!", alongside a new ship type and game mode. There's a new boss, too, and it's called the Dragon Train. That's an apt name for a boss in a game where you can make a gun out of several rocket launchers and machine guns.

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The free Namegineers update also adds a handful of new enemies eager to stop players in their tracks. Only names were provided in the patch notes, but Drill Jaw, Electric Hound, Rolling Energy Turret and Dreadbot sound pretty dangerous. The additions also include an Energy Fountain which grants unlimited ammo and a way to receive gun parts from HQ for a price. You can find everything new and details on balance changes in the full patch notes. Console players will receive the update in the coming weeks. Check out our Mothergunship review.

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