Darwin Project Is Getting Its First Ever Battle Pass Next Week

The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton Battle Pass introduces new cosmetic items.

By Woozie, Posted 10 Oct 2018

You know how certain battle royale titles have battle passes that unlock more stuff? As it turns out, Darwin Project is getting one of its own. Creative Director Simon Darveau took to the developer's website to detail the first ever Darwin Project Battle Pass. The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton Battle Pass will introduce new Halloween content based on the founder of the Darwin Project. Some of the rewards will also expand the lore behind the Project.

"The Battle Pass format allows us to organize all the content in a way that allows players to keep track of earned and upcoming rewards, with no luck needed to obtain specific items.", Darveau explains in the blog post. "Purchasing the Battle Pass is not required to enjoy The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton, but doing so will allow inmates to unlock more rewards and have access to Premium Weekly Challenges to help reach higher Tiers.", he continues.

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The event starts on October 16th and ends on November 13th on both PC and Xbox One. Players will be able to purchase the Battle Pass at any point during the period for 1000 Ramen. While the new content isn't locked behind the Battle Pass, it will provide extra rewards spread across 50 tiers. Advancing through tiers is done by obtaining experience points (different from the already existin Fans). Experience points are earned by simply playing as either inmate or show director during the period of the event.

Completing Weekly Challenges is another way to reach higher tiers, although it's worth mentioning that only inmates can do so. "Reaching the final Tier through play after purchasing the Battle Pass will take an estimated 25 to 50 hours. At Tier 50, you’ll gain access to the Ultimate Challenges section of the Battle Pass where a final set of Challenges await. For The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton, they are called Inferno Challenges and will reward you with a special 7-piece item set variant upon completion. Unlike the Weekly Challenges, you’ll still be able to complete the Ultimate Challenges―if you’ve unlocked them―once the Battle Pass ends.", the post reads.

The October patch will also add a new Tile, while optimization remains the studio's main focus. The first battle pass will also not be followed by another one immediately, as the developer will go through players' feedback first. Darwin Project is currently available on PC through Steam Early Access and Xbox One on Xbox Game Preview.

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