Fear The Wolves Unified Patch Now Available

Critical patch for Fear The Wolves now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Those playing Fear The Wolves will be glad to hear a new patch is now available called the Unified Patch. This vital patch is getting the game ready for its 2019 release and provides a lot of fixes, a new unified model, and much more.

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The patch is mostly to improve performance and stability, which is ideal for battle royale games. You can read the about the patch below.

Fear The Wolves is now available in early access on PC.

The patch notes are available below:

Vaulting now available:

Overcome small obstacles

Climb onto higher objects

Vault in and out of buildings through windows

Window frame destruction has been reworked to fit these new actions

New unified mode:

Default mode is now duos

Duos and solos play together in the same games

Please note that duos must split the limited loot, while solos will have it all for themselves. We think playing solo will be more difficult, but an entertaining challenge for those that prefer it.

You will be matchmade with a random teammate if you are alone and not specifically queuing for solo play

No more 3 or 4 person squads

Matches are played on 9km2 sections randomly picked from full map

Matches will have a lower maximum player count, around 40

Halved the number of vehicles to compensate.

This will also improve server performance, and we believe is a good general balancing change to help vehicles feel more valuable and useful

Voice chat available for duos

Settings available:

“Push to talk” or “always on” with push or mute bind, respectively

Volume options

Visual indicator when a teammate is speaking in-game

Usable in lobby if a squad is formed

New waiting room system: pre-match

As soon as a player clicks play, they are spawned on the map

You can roam freely, loot weapons, kill wolves or other players encountered

You respawn to a random location on the map if killed 

As soon as there are 2 players in pre-match, a 5 minute counter starts

Match starts if the minimum squads number is reached – currently this is 3 squads (3-6 players), but will be adjusted depending on matchmaking times.

After 5 minutes, a vote to force start the match is offered to players, if they agree to force start, the match will start. Otherwise, after a further five minutes, the match is force started anyway.

This means you won’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for a game to begin now. Please give us feedback on this system once you’ve tried it, especially if you play at non-peak times.

New deployment system

No more helicopter phase or parachuting

Villages on the map are spawn points (you can’t spawn in high tier loot areas)

Once the minimum number of players is reached to start a game, the map interface opens and players can select their spawn point

Duos must agree on the same spawn point or they are randomly deployed between the two spawn points selected

Reworked on-boarding and new player experience:

Revamped UI

New health bar

New armor indicator

Open your inventory to see easily which parts of your body are the best protected

New radiation protection indicator

Get a clear view of your current protection at all times

Reworked oxygen tank indicator

Reformatted notifications

New squad health bar

Revamped item tooltips:

Weapon comparison tool

Backpack / oxygen tank comparison tool

Outfits comparison tool

Extended descriptions on pick-up prompts (the text that appears when you highlight an object in the world)

Dynamic tip system added

Many dynamic triggers have been added based on various gameplay situations (low health, high radiation, consumables owned, shrinking system, etc.)

They will provide useful advice to new players

“Hide dynamic tooltip” option available in settings for more advanced players

Performance optimization:

Some additional performance optimization on weather

Some render optimization

Graphical improvements

Removed the dynamic day-time hours and replaced them with predefined day-time presets randomly selected for each game

These are morning, early afternoon, and end of the day.

This will also change strategies for each game based on what time of day is set.

Prematch happens at sunrise.

Following new standard of map size, number of vehicles has been reduced by two

Gain on server performances will be expected from this too

Other improvements


Hold breath sound added

Different if aiming with or without gas mask

Gunfire can now be heard from further away

Secret stash map sound added


Removed damage direction marker for Wolf attacks

Art on the map:

Addition of 5 new POIs

Rework of 2 old POIs

General polishing of all POIs

A lot of new small props

New windows for 1-3 floor buildings

Improvements to materials of 1-3 floor buildings

Windows were removed from all Barns

All Kiosks were improved and more details were added

Bugfixes list:

Collision fixes for various assets

Fixed various floating objects in the environment

Fixed downgrading textures for MEDIUM and LOW graphic settings presets

Fixed earned money display on Result Screen

Fixed Geiger counter incorrect sounds near and in Anomalies

Fixed radiation protection equipment not protecting players who dropped and re-equipped it

Fixed absorption sound of anomalies when players stay outside of them

Known issues:

Sometimes, the player's mouse won't focus on the game. 

This occurs most often when using ALT+TAB during a transition period in the menus.

Work Around: Press ESC to open and close the in-game menu.

Client might not update a door that was opened 1.7KM away; resulting in some odd interactions.

This will result in the User seeing some players passing through closed doors.

Work Around: Interact with the door again and it will update correctly.

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