Soulja Boy Returns With New PS Vita Knock-Off Systems

First Nintendo and now Sony

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Jan 2019

DeAndre Cortez, known as Soulja Boy, was the talk of 2018 when he started reselling emulator consoles at marked up prices and speaking out against gamers and large publishers like Nintendo. Eventually, Soulja Boy would take down the systems and his gaming retail site would redirect individuals to Nintendo's site in December 2018, many assuming that Nintendo took action against him. Now Soulja Boy is back with new knock-off systems that are modeled after the PS Vita.

Soulja Boy,NoobFeed,

First reported by Resetera, systems are called the "SouljaGame Handheld" that are currently being sold for a discounted price of $99.99, originally priced at $200.00, and features:

Exquisite craftsmanship and fashion design with a reasonable price.
Built in camera for photo shooting and video recording.
Support TV output, can connect TV to play games and watch movies.
Support PC Camera, connect the computer, can use as computer camera.
4.3 inch 16:9 HD screen, 480 x 272 resolution.
Multi thread task mode, you can listen to music, while watching e-books.

Color: Blue/ Black/ Red/ White
Size: 9.3 X 72 X 126mm
Material: Plastic
Resolution: 480*272
Screen size: 4.3inch
Memory: 8GB

The console looks similar to this one found here that retails for $26.38. This isn't new as Soulja Boy sold his other Nintendo emulators for nearly 3 times the asking price. In addition, it's likely Sony will also take action.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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