OpenCritic Implements New Loot Box Option for Games

New ability to flag games with loot boxes available on OpenCritic

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2019

Loot boxes have been one of the most disliked additions to games, especially premium titles. Since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II many governments have taken action against the gambling practice and now OpenCritic is providing a new mechanic that allows for labels for games containing loot boxes.

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Announced through a press release

“The OpenCritic team believes that loot boxes are a net-negative for the video game industry. Loot boxes prey on human’s generally poor ability to accurately understand and internalize probabilities, especially at the extremes,” OpenCritic said in a statement to accompany today’s action. “It’s our mission to help gamers make informed decisions when considering a purchase or download. We feel that informing consumers about the presence of loot boxes is a key part of our mission.”

Currently, titles such as Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, FIFA 19, and NBA 2K19 has this label but it'll come to other games that include the system.

Instead, OpenCritic listed the following parameters that they have adhered to when assigning designations to games on its website. This means that roguelike games will not be subject to the label.

-Unknown, Random Rewards. Users do not know what item they’ll receive prior to purchase. Instead, users are purchasing a chance to receive one item from a set of items.

-Monetized. Users are able to purchase the roll with real money, either directly or through an intermediary currency.

-Encouraged Use. Users are encouraged to acquire and consume the loot box during the course of normal gameplay or game systems.

This will likely be a positive change that other sites will follow. As loot boxes become much more villainized publishers will be less enticed to put them into games.

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