Today, Microsoft decided to make one of the biggest exclusive IPs a multi-platform title officially. Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach are coming to PC and will be available on Steam as well.

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343 Industries confirmed that they're enlisting the help of studios Splash Damage and Ruggian to help bring the games to the PC. After the state HMCC launched with so many bugs that Microsoft had to offer an apology and a series of gifts for the many problems, asking for assistance to ensure a more polished and stable release on PC is prudent.

This does provide a bit of an issue for the Xbox One as the console already doesn't have a lot of exclusives and now that Halo is coming not only to PC but Steam it'll make the case to purchase an Xbox One over their competitors weaker. Halo Infinite has not been confirmed for Steam but it does seem that Microsoft is gearing the Xbox One into an entertainment box instead of a console as they push the Xbox Game Pass subscription and Play Anywhere feature as opposed to exclusive games.

It is good news for PC players who can now play Halo's latest releases with all the benefits that come with using Steam's service.

In addition, Halo: Reach will be offered through Xbox Game Pass.

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