World of Warcraft Classic Arrives on August 27

Return to the classic realm of World of Warcraft

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 May 2019

If you ever played modern World of Warcraft you know that there's an incredible demand for the classic experience. Fans attempted to create realms that supported this but was shut down by Blizzard but now the company has decided to bring the classic version of the game back. With World of Warcraft classic launching this August 27th.

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This version of the game was announced back in BlizzCon 2017 and now will arrive this summer. Starting May 15th Blizzard will select players to participate in the closed beta, simply go to "Account Management" and select the WoW Classic beta option to become an active choice.

This doesn't guarantee you a spot and there will be many opportunities to join a beta test if you don't get into this one. Below are the dates in which the stress tests will take place:

Stress Test 1: Wed May 22–Thurs May 23

Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20

Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 18– Fri July 19

To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we’ll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in. Participants will also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Account. While opting-in to the beta is the primary way to make sure you’re in the running to join the test it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the closed beta test. We may also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that we have the right mix of players to ensure great feedback toward making WoW Classic the very best experience for the community

Blizzard doesn't have a lot of games coming up and with the recent decision behind Diablo Immortal still lingering having a popular decision like this will hopefully regain some hope in Blizzard's desire to please fans.

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