Catherine: Full Body Demo Now Available on PS4, New Trailer Shows Rin

New trailer and demo now available for Catherine: Full Body

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Jul 2019

Catherine: Full Body launches later this year but PS4 owners can try the intense puzzle narrative-driven title right now. With a new trailer showing off Vincent's new love interest Rin.

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The trailer features much of the same scenes from the original game but with some new scenes showing off Rin. Until now, we only saw Rin in screenshots but now we get to see the new character within the game including how she will sound in the English version. 

Catherine: Full Body will not only introduce a new character but several other additions. This includes new difficulty options that either increase or provide an easier experience for the player. Other new additions include an online ranking mode and more endings. Not only are there endings pertaining to Rin but 2 new endings have been added for both Katherine and Catherine. 

For those unaware, Catherine is a puzzle-platformer narrative-driven game from Atlus. The game stars Vincent, a programmer who never really grew up. After having a serious conversation with his girlfriend Katherine about their future Vincent is plunged into uncertainty. Enters Catherine, a young a beautiful lady who tempts and convinces Vincent to cheat. Rin is the brand new addition that adds another love interest that Vincent must interact and decide between. What follows is Vincent making profound decisions that alter the story while surviving the nightmare realm.

Catherine: Full Body launches on PS4 this September 3rd.

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Platform(s): PS4
Publisher(s): Atlus, Sega
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Genres: Puzzle
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Release Date: 2019

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