WWE 2K20 PC Patch is Corrupting Save Files

WWE 2K20 has another disaster

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Nov 2019

WWE 2K20 is already considered one of the worst games this generation. Launching in buggy mess and now things are worse. With the latest patch apparently deleting save files.


WARNING: Installing Patch 1.03 on PC will corrupt your game save and cause you to loose all data.@2KSupport @WWEgames is there anything that can be done to avoid this?#WWE2K20 pic.twitter.com/5bYHAVRye8

— 🎄 SmackTalks 🎄 #WWE2K20 (@SmackNetwork) November 21, 2019

2K updated WWE 2K20 with a Patch 1.03 across all platforms to improve stability and fix bugs but those on PC got an extra bonus. With player SmackTalks, along with many other players confirming this, that loading the game with the patch installed will corrupt all save files.

This is perhaps the worst problem so far. WWE 2K20 was already a train wreck at launch and those who invested time playing this bug-filled mess are losing everything. If you're on PC it's perhaps wise not to start up the game or risk losing everything.

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