SoulCalibur VI Patch 2.02 Improves Network Connections

Improved stability now available in SoulCalibur VI

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Dec 2019

SoulCalibur VI has a new patch. Improving the game's stability on all platforms.

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You can read all the fixes below. SoulCalibur VI is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Xbox One

・ We made some changes to the matching setting of RANKED MATCH for Xbox One.


PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

・ In RANKED MATCH, there were some errors in the condition of falling down from [S1] rank to [S2] rank. This is now fixed.

・ In RANKED MATCH, we made adjustments to the amount of Rank Points a player can get from a match against an opponent in much higher/lower rank.

・ In CASUAL MATCH, we fixed an issue that a player was able to select the special training mode “Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor” with certain commands.



Game System Adjustments

PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

・ We made various adjustments to the battle system, characters, and properties of moves.

 For detail, please check here.

・ As the graphic processing load of Hilde was quite high, we made adjustment to mitigate the load.

・ We fixed an issues that, when the opposing character was Hilde in TRAINING, certain moves set in Action Settings 2 would not play properly.

・ We made corrections to some of the texts.




PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

・ We made adjustments to the equipment damage setting of Crown Princess Series.

・ We fixed an issue that, when a character wore Wretch’s Suit, an unnecessary data would get displayed to the foot.

・ In regard of Goddess’ Feather Brooch and Earrings, we made adjustments to the horizontal rotation and tilting movements when moving those parts.

・ We fixed an issues that there was a graphic bug on the arms when Long Leather Coat and Raging Seas Wristband were worn together.

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