Dauntless Patch 1.1.1 Improves Stability and Reduces Load Times

New patch for Dauntless improves stability

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Dec 2019

Dauntless has a new patch. All of it to improve the game's stability and resolve some of the issues.


The biggest change is the reduction of loading screens. Dauntless is now available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


Greatly decreased login screen loading time.

Increased performance on Riftstalker’s spinning attack when exiting portals on Nintendo Switch.


Fixed the two most common crashes on Nintendo Switch.

Fixed crashes that could occur while loading between Ramsgate and an island on consoles.


Fixed a bug that could cause Health/Lantern UI to not update, and the game to lag then disconnect.

Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to sprint after using Ardent Cyclone (spinning sword special).

Fixed a bug where axe meter didn’t reset after using a special at max determination.

Fixed a bug where attack speed stacks earned from Grace (perk) were removed upon dodging.

Fixed a bug where the Squad Goals talent didn’t stack properly.

Fixed a bug where amps that impose a round of negative effects followed by a buff for the rest of the Escalation run could trigger immediately if selected too quickly from the amp selection screen.


Fixed a bug where Gnasher, Hellion, and Pangar equipment could fail to unlock after defeating them.

Fixed a bug where Twin Suns (exotic repeaters) purchased from the in-game store wouldn’t persist through an account reset.

Fixed a bug where Skyfighter armour wouldn’t persist through an account reset.


Fixed a bug where the chat box could prevent pressing the Quit to Desktop button on PC.

Fixed a bug allowing the use of Patrol Chests on Escalation or Trials hunts.

Fixed a bug causing “Flagstaff of the First Slayer” and “Hero’s Gate” to have no name or description in the Hunt Pass Elite Track.

Fixed a bug where sprint could only be re-bound to the right trigger on controllers.

Fixed a bug where the Lantern UI would be stuck on empty after switching lanterns in the airship.

Fixed a bug where the Escalation End of Hunt screen showed a placeholder Behemoth in the top corner.

Fixed a bug where the Patrol Chest count on the End of Hunt screen was incorrect.

Fixed a bug where ‘Bonus: Never Downed!’ was shown on the Escalation End of Hunt screen.

Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on the End of Hunt screen if the chat box or quick chat menu was open.


Fixed a bug on Nintendo Switch that could cause the Desperado’s Cloak to appear invisible on other players.

Fixed a bug where the Founder Banner Plant’s flag was on the wrong side of the banner standard.

Fixed a bug where Skyfighter armour could lose its texture and appear as grey blocks.

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