Pokemon Home Reaches 1.3 Global Installs in the First Week

Pokemon Home has already hit 1 million downloads

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Feb 2020

Despite the Pokemon community's annoyance with Pokemon Home the application has reached 1.3 million global installs. And why not? Where else are Pokemon fans going to go?

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Anyway, according to Sensor Tower the biggest downloader was the US, followed by JP, then Britain, Germany, and France. Now, these numbers only indicate downloads and not those who opted into the premium service or third party stores.

In the seven days following its February 12 release, Pokémon Home amassed an estimated 444,000 of its downloads, or about 34 percent of total installs, from users in the United States. The Pokémon Company’s home territory of Japan was the second best-performing region for installs with approximately 299,000, or 23 percent of all downloads, while Great Britain followed with a 5.7 percent share comprising 74,000 of the total.

The service was recently introduced as both a free and premium service. All Pokemon players to transfer Pokemon from past games into the new Switch titles.

Fans weren't happy that the free service offers such limited storage whereas the premium option skyrockets the available storage. But its either this or nothing. For competitive or hardcore fans who just like keeping their Pokemon across games, this is a requirement.

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