Bring Me The Horizon? More like bring me the hairspray. All jokes aside, a good scene tune,filled with downtempo beatdown is exactly what an actual beatdown needs. All you br00tal kids can plug your ears and mosh to the breakdown sounds of Betraying The Martyrs and their stereotype name, while watching the release trailer of Supremacy MMA. It’s probably the most bonerific trailer you’ll see in a while. Also, that reference tells you to take a shot.


NoobFeed News - Supremacy MMA / Skydrift DLC

Whoever made this trailer is a genius, just saying.


Not enough carnage? Well, the awesome racing game Skydrift released a new trailer for their Extreme Fighters DLC. Shoot down planes with added features and kill, kill, kill. Both these titles are out right now.




Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • really does not look like a good mma game.  I am a huge fan of mma and this looks like more street brawling than mma.  least the music was meatl! \m/

    Posted Sep 21, 2011

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