Sky: Children of Light Patch 0.8.4 Resolves Many Issues

New patch for Sky: Children of Light now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Mar 2020

Sky: Children of Light has a new patch. Fixing and changing the game as the Season of Rhythm continues.

Sky: Children of Light,NoobFeed,

The patch details are available to read below. Highlighting graphical optimization, fullscreen for iPad players, and other solutions.

Traveling Spirit

The duration of Traveling Spirit's visit has been increased from 60 hours to 96 hours.
Traveling Spirits will now arrive at 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) on Thursday (previously 12:00 PT on Friday).
Traveling Spirits will still depart on Sundays at 23:59 PDT
Traveling Spirits will continue to appear every 2 weeks when a Season is active and every week when a Season is not active.
Seasonal Pendants and Ultimate Gifts will not appear on the Traveling Spirits in exchange for in-game currencies.
We plan to bring these items back in another capacity but we have not settled on what that will look like or the costs associated with it.
Once the season of Rhythm has concluded, the Gratitude Fur Cape Pack will be retired  and we will no longer offer these kinds of packs in the Shop. Seasonal items will only be available from Traveling Spirits.


New Additions and Optimizations

Added video recording support for Android through the Google Games API
Graphics optimizations for Android
Added fullscreen support for iPad
Letterbox can be toggled from the Main Menu by tapping the Aspect button
Android 8 video recording is no longer supported to allow video recording for Android 10


Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with players being unable to relive a Spirit’s memory for all impacted core and Seasonal Expressions as well as Daily Quest Spirits
Fixed screenshots for Android 10 
Updates to QR invites for Android
Fixed issue where seasonal candle, seasonal heart, and ascended candle icons were showing up in currencies before players reached their respective unlock points
Fixed some terrain textures in Eden
Fixed another issue with chat visibility at chat tables
Fixed memory fragment for the Sorry Expression
Fixed issue where music in Prairie did not restart when resuming level
Fixed Darkstone in sunny area of Hidden Forest that was buried in the terrain
Fixed draw distance issue on higher graphic settings
Fixed issue where objects and effects would occasionally glow too brightly
Fixed issue where chibi mask was not previewing correctly in the Closet
Fixed issue preventing Bonfire spells from appearing in inventory
Fixed chat bench in Eden social space
Grey icon of white Gratitude Fur Cape in the Closet is working as intended
Fixed issue where instruments could not be heard in final area of Eden
Added Seasonal Heart information to Currency Tips screen
Added a secondary check to the Secret Area

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