PlatinumGames Designing New Engine

PlatinumGames seeking to control all means of developing and owning their IPs

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Mar 2020

For some time, PlatinumGames has been attempting to own the IPs they've developed. Recently, the studio confirmed they're developing a new engine to bring them closer to this goal.


The engine is currently called PlatinumEngine but not its absolute name. It's in very early development and PlatinumGames hopes this new engine will provide their artists and programmers more control over what they create.

One major requirement when building ideas into complete games is an engine. In our early days, we found ourselves frustrated with limitations that existing engines placed on our workflow. We inevitably hand to make extensive customizations and adjustments to the action game interfaces if we wanted the performance we were after.

So we built our own engine instead – and we’ve been improving it ever since. In its current version, our engine supports various platforms and allows us to efficiently develop games in a way that suits our environment.

Making games is fun, of course, but doing it well takes a lot of hard work. Our game developers need an engine that will allow them to create high-quality gameplay, and thus our engine development branch plays an extremely important role in the company. They keep their fingers on the pulse of technology to constantly improve our in-house engine. We quite literally couldn’t do it without them.

PlatnimGames did state they're still going to work with partners, citing their work with Square Enix for the critically acclaimed NieR: Automata. 

Currently, PlatinumGames is working on The Wonderful 101 Remastered. The Kickstarter campaign ended with over $2 million USD raised. 

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