Exit the Gungeon Patch 2.0.5 Detailed, Fixing Bugs and Achievement Issues

New PC patch for Exit the Gungeon now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Mar 2020

Exit the Gungeon new patch is now available on Steam, fixing bugs and issues with the achievements. The patch will come to Apple Arcade and Switch soon.

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Control Changes

Added control options for the two new movement abilities introduced in 2.0.4, which we’re calling Rapid Descent (holding Down while falling lets you pass through one-way platforms) and Easy Air Dodge (pressing Jump while in air does an air dodge roll)

Fixed an issue where Rapid Descent let you pass through the bottom platforms of the Hunter’s third elevator

Fixed an issue where players could drop down through the floor of some elevators (trains)

Fixed a case where an air dodge roll may move in a different direction than the player would expect



Gameplay Changes / Improvements

Added stricter spacing rules for the climbing elevator, which should prevent requiring very long jumps

Phase Spiders that spawn in rooms should now always be placed near the ceiling

Homing weapons now work better with the final boss

Новый русский шрифт! (New Russian font!)



Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue which could cause sound to cut out mid-run

Fixed a softlock resulting in a black screen upon exiting a shop

Fixed a room softlock caused by Phase Spiders spawning too close to the ceiling

Fixed an issue where exiting the game at certain times could result in purchased items being lost but spent meta currency not being refunded

Fixed an issue which caused the reward platform not to show up on the Pilot’s fourth floor (no more dropping hegemony credits!)

Fixed several issues with the Shield weapon (prevent spamming with multi-shot items, can't block projectiles while hand is empty, shield is no longer destroyed when it hits certain projectiles)

Fixed a bug which could cause flying players using a controller to roll much further than intended towards enemies

Fixed a pathfinding issue which could cause the Dog to seek out corners

Fixed an issue where the No Link Cable Needed achievement didn't unlock at the correct time

Fixed some display issues with Russian text

Fixed an issue where some amulets didn’t give bonus blanks on level change

Fixed an issue where explosions in Winchester’s game could damage queued player ammo

Compared to the original Exit the Gungeon has had mixed reception. With gamers loving the environment designs, enemies, and weapons. But not fond of the random weapon switching system.

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