Here’s an incentive to buy the Collector’s Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has released a trailer for the documentary, Behind the Wall: The Making of Skyrim, which will also be available in said package. Check out what the team’s thoughts are on the conception of this Game of the Year RPG contender. Don’t forget that there are less than 2 weeks separating you from glory in the land of Skyrim.


NoobFeed News - The Making of Sexy Skyrim [+Sexy Videos]


Since this a bit light on content, we thought you might also enjoy this sexy trailer for Suda 51’s latest mindhump, Lollipop Chainsaw. Bouncing cheerleaders with chainsaws, giving zombies upskirts and having guys’ faces between their legs; that’s just a taste. Obviously, this trailer isn’t meant for kids, so avert your perverted, underage gaze.


Seriously, you guys; it's 18+. It's really explicit, graphic and suggestive. Obey the law.


Also, have a look at the released trailer for Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, which waved its 18 November launch goodbye to settle for a provisionary Q1 2012 release. And lastly, check out 2 titles dropping on your PSN channel today: Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With An Engine and Hydrophobia Prophecy. Both were a pain to write. Enjoy!


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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