Season’s greetings, you lovable scamps. Since holiday season 2011 is officially underway, this can only mean a few things. For one, my calendar is filled with bobsledding zombies. And two; it means that PopCap Games is ready for the new year and does so in style once more.


NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D


As you may know, the casual giant that has recently been picked up by EA for a cool $750 million, likes to celebrate any given holiday. This year, they decided to go a little differently and make us work for our goodies, but we still wanted to share it with you; as always. And since they also included a nice holiday card, who could really say no to that? We’ve gotten some digital cards from many lovely people as well, but we won’t bore you with every single one (unless that’s what you want).


NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D
NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D


One thing included in the package were assembly cards that transformed into calendar boxes. Each box is good for 2 months, though they’re a bit heavy on space on the old shrine. Still, the cards represent most flagship titles form PopCap, such as Plants Vs Zombies and Bejeweled.


NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D


The second thing came in a neat little box. Whatever could it be? Once opened, the box revealed an old-timey view master! Does anyone remember these toys that let you watch a story in 3D? Well, yours truly is stereo-blind, but can still appreciate the little tales inside. The first one was a survival guide for the holidays; telling you to travel in style, send cards and do more of those activities.


NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D
NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D


But the second one was more of a teaser story, asking: Who is Ignatius Flambé?” It turns out that the story reveals one of PopCap’s new games, called Popcorn Dragon (via TouchArcade). The iOS title is said to come out in Spring 2012, according to the slideshow. That’s one way to announce a release.


NoobFeed News - PopCap 2011 Holiday View Master 3D
This was not an easy shot to take (from inside the view master).


So, what else is PopCap up to these days? Well, they’re currently trying to conquer the digital market, having released a freemium iOS version of Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled in Google Chrome. Plants Vs Zombies and Peggle are now also finally available on Android, which is nice because if you ask me, more people should support different smartphone platforms. Lastly, Crazy Dave, AKA Cray-Z, has racked up more than 465,000 views of his music video for Wabby Wabbo. And in the season of the holidays, you can now support charity by buying it on iTunes. As stated in the release: “PopCap will be donating all PopCap® proceeds earned from the track sales between December 18th and December 24th to Concern Worldwide, an organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world's poorest countries.Charity!


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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