Sony Motion Controller Delayed

By twenty0ne, Posted 22 Jan 2010

At 2009's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony, like Microsoft, announced their own take on motion sensing technology similar to what's currently available on the Nintendo Wii. At the Expo, an optimistic Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai set the device's tentative launch window to be somewhere around Spring 2010 -- turns out Playstation 3 gamers will have to wait a little bit longer. According to an official statement released by Sony on January 19th, the device should be ready for a fall 2010 launch "in Japan, Asian regions and countries, North America and Europe/PAL territories." 


Unlike Microsoft's Natal, Sony's yet to be named motion-sensing device is not completely hands-free. The current prototype of the controller looks "like a wand with a color-changing ball on top." The device works in conjunction with the Playstation Eye, and is said to be "sub-millimeter precise" -- perfect for shooters or simulation games where precision is a must. Sony has not yet released any estimates regarding the controller's pricing.


Tim Kroninger, Noobfeed

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  • Totally agree, it's better to wait until it's fully fuctional in order to prevent some problems.

    P.S. It looks like a bubble gum. :P

    Posted Jan 22, 2010

  • I am keeping faith on Sony. They sure knows how to bring up a good stable products in the market. I liked the shape of the controller.

    Posted Jan 22, 2010

  • Not too surprised. When has ever something like this been released without first being delayed? It was only matter of time.

    Posted Jan 22, 2010

  • Sony is going to drag this till they publish PS4.

    Posted Jan 22, 2010
  • avatar RON

    I'm not really surprised.

    Posted Jan 23, 2010

  • Personally I wish both Sony and Microsoft would of dropped the whole "motion" thing. The current-gen was fine without it and man do I love my conventional controls.. That is until they release an amazing gun with House of the Dead in PS3 HD ultimate graphics, then I'll love the thing lol.

    Posted Jan 23, 2010

  • Well this isn't surprising, since even Natal has been delayed. And 2009 had a lot of delays, and this is basically expected.

    Still, not a big fan of the motion control anyway.

    Posted Jan 23, 2010

  • No one is rushing for it anyway

    Posted Jan 23, 2010

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