Ok; so it might not be a collector’s edition of epic proportions, but this bundle will still be well worth its money. For $69.99 you’ll receive a large and shiny packaging, an “Exclusive 5 inch Collectible Vinyl Epic Mickey Figure”, a DVD with behind the scenes footage, a Wiimote faceplate and 2 Wii skins.

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition
Epic Mickey and his Collector's Edition *click to enlarge*

Toys 'R Us revealed this earlier on their online store, where you can pre-order the item. It also set the estimated shipping to November 15, although it isn’t confirmed that this will be the actual release date. It is also not known if this deal will be exclusive to the store, although that would be doubtful.

Of course, the bundle will also include Warren Spector’s game, which seems to show a Wi-Fi connection symbol on the box.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • Not a bad offer. Are you picking this @BrunoBRS ?

    Posted Aug 30, 2010

  • @Sleven - not really. the game's good but nothing i feel like picking. and the collector's edition is $70 O_o

    Posted Aug 30, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS : Yea, $70 is too much for any collector's edition. $40 would've been reasonable.

    Posted Aug 31, 2010

  • @Sleven - regular Wii games are $50, so charging even less for the collectors edition might be too much :P extra $10 for a collectors edition always sounds reasonable.

    Posted Aug 31, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS : Then consider the other extra $10 as a donation for your precious Nintendo :P

    Posted Aug 31, 2010

  • @Sleven - first, i'd never "donate" to nintendo, they don't need that. second, it would be a donation to disney interactive, not nintendo :P

    Posted Sep 01, 2010

  • not to be contrary(actually, i do love being contrary), but the $70 sounds reasonable. most games comming out these days are comming out @ $50 as is. and for a collectors that has extra goodies (extras dvd's, in this case a figure and nice packaging) it is only fair to charge a little bit more. ofcourse, its not to say that i prefer paying more. im just saying its more reasonable to charge more than $10 for it. thats my opinion anyways

    Posted Sep 01, 2010

  • Has Ninendo scraped so far down the barrell theyve pulled Mickey out?

    Posted Sep 09, 2010

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