Ready At Dawn on PSP Piracy

By Daavpuke, Posted 27 Oct 2010

Ready At Dawn has launched God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta to stores worldwide already. Even though the release date is officially set for November 2nd, some stores are already selling copies.

But when VG247 talked to creative director Ru Weerasuriya, it looks like this will be the developer’s last call on PSP. As some developers before it, they too feel the pressure of piracy on PSP is doing in the powerful Sony handheld. “I’m not very familiar with how it is on the DS, but on the PSP it’s pretty rampant now all around the world,” Ru said. “It’s getting to the point where it doesn’t make sense to make games on it, if the piracy keeps on increasing. It definitely hurts a lot of developers out there who are trying to make great games.”

Then again, this wasn’t the first time they had no more eyes for PSP. It almost seemed that even Ghost Of Sparta might never have seen the light. Praise your gods that it did. “After two games on PSP with Daxter and Chains of Olympus, we thought that was it for us. We even sent our dev kits back,” he mentioned.

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta PSP

“I know this is like the boy who cried wolf, but this time we are definitely done. We have pushed the PSP as far as possible; we’ve even had to scale back because some things were not doable” Ru goes on to say. So it does look this time they’ll have to stick to their guns or spears or whatever. Perhaps they’ll get back to those missed opportunities on Sony’s second handheld.

After Devil May Cry, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 and several other large titles steering away from PSP, it is obvious piracy is taking the fun out of many gamers’ lives. Luckily, there are still many developers bringing out strong titles each year, but it’s always sad to see illegal activities actively ruining it for the rest of us. So stop it, bro, don’t pirate. If you really want to be a pirate that bad; Sid Meier’s Pirates! is available on PSP.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • Well it sad to see it go this way. i am admitedly a pirate, but not by hard choice...mostly because importing games to my island is such a pain and waste that i just mod my psp and download the games. only games i really import are my non handheld games for my xbox and ps2 and soon my ps3. my friends keep telling me to mod my xbox and i keep saying not a chance. i prefer to have my real copy of system games, even if its a hassle to get those as well.


    *Edit* keep in mind, i do keep my pirating mostly to old hard to get titles :)...being an old school gamer and such.

    Posted Oct 27, 2010

  • I just don't play titles I can't get my hands on physically. Others, I have imported or scope out on various sites.

    Posted Oct 27, 2010

  • Ugh, piracy is annoying.  It's just wrong.  I don't even have a job and I don't see the point in pirating.  But then when you have people like Dramus above me and others from different countries, it makes some more sense why some would do it.  I guess what I mean to say is that anybody who pirates in the US should be ashamed of themselves.

    Posted Oct 27, 2010

  • yea in the states i dont really see the point. its more available in the states. at least games and movies...i find music a bit more different since i listen to alot of classical and its easier for me to find classical music online than in a record store.

    Posted Oct 27, 2010

  • many gamers expect piracy stuff at first, but then they disssapointed with the game because there's so many broke in the game system...


    and one of the factor that make PS3 are not really popular in my place is there are no piracy on the game, and the price of the game that expensive enough for their pocket..


    I do like the price of pirated game..  but for the fun in the game I really2 hate it..

    Posted Oct 28, 2010

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