Rumor: Assassins Creed Co-Op

By canana, Posted 02 Nov 2010

Patrick Plourde, director of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, said in an interview with GamesRadar that the possibility of cooperative play is a strong possibility to be develop in future games.

New to the franchise is the the fact that Brotherhood has online multiplayer mode that opens the door to some form of cooperation. According to Plourde, "I think eventually there will be a cooperative mode in the brand. For this game we focused on multiplayer and the  Templar vision  seemed interesting. In the campaign, co-op poses a huge challenge."


At GDC, the folks who made Saints Row told Patrick: "If you want in your game a cooperative mode, especially in the case of a sandbox, you have to build it from scratch. And they are right, it takes a couple of years of work to make sure that the cooperative work. "

Plourde also said, "With Brotherhood we expand the brand, but we are sure that we are successful enough to make things easy. It's very liberating, and we have great ideas, but we can save them for later use when the timing is appropriate. "

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • i just hope they don't throw it as DLC  3 months after release.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • This might be the motivation I need to finally get into the series.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • I think it's going to be based on the sales figure of Brotherhood. It's too early to believe all these rumors right now. For a game like Assassin's Creed, a good single player campaign is the most attractive bate to give.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • well a multiplayer shares mission type of thing where i go get info about something in this part of town while you go track down and assassin this other guy on the other part of town would be awesome.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • Anything with AC will be awesome.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • Watched someone play the first game, playing my way through the second. I doubt I'll get the thrid, if it had co-op though I would have.

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

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