Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest companies in the game industry, recently signed a five-year deal with Facebook, the currently biggest social networking site on the internet.

The deal entails how money will be split between the two companies in regards to micromanage the small payments used to make virtual purchases in-game for real currency.

EA and Facebook collab


With three of Facebook's top ten games published by EA, this deal could mean a lot for the future of how micro-transactions will be handled. After the jump, check out what exactly the deal is. Money between Facebook and the game giant will be split 30 to70 percent in EA's favor. Keep in mind that this division is currently an EA exclusive. Companies like Zynga and LOLapps have their own system for earning money through Facebook games.

This deal will likely lead to EA's desire to put some of their own properties like Scrabble onto Facebook as well. For now, EA boasts aplications such as the wildely popular Madden and Sims franchise. Monopoly may also move onto the platform, together with the creation of new material. We're hoping for a cute, family-friendly version of Dead Space or possibly DeadSpaceVille.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (Thanks to biZZy)

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  • DeadSpaceVille lol that one made my morning lol

    Posted Nov 08, 2010

  • Thanks for publishing it & mention Daav  :) Very good contract I suppose. But I highly doubt if people will play those games after 5 years or so :S

    Link to forum thread

    Posted Nov 08, 2010

  • @biZZy: No prob. I had heard it before, but you did a good job submitting the news, so I decided to publish it.

    Posted Nov 09, 2010

  • @Daavpuke - Always happy to help :)

    Posted Nov 09, 2010

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