Mario joins Street series!

By Daavpuke, Posted 10 Nov 2010

It’s official, I want to move to Spain! Great soccer, hot women and even hotter salsa, what more could you want? Well, how about living in the first ever street named after your favorite video game?

Saturday, residents of the Zaragozian neighborhood, Arcosur, inaugurated their street “Avenida de Super Mario Bros.” Thanks to an internet poll, the name overtook some more traditional choices in the race. We gamers rule the interwebz; we showed the world as much now.

In the spur of the success, the town has announced plans for future street names, such as “Sonic The Hedgehog,” “The Legend Of Zelda,’ but even “Space Invaders.”

Avenida de Super Mario Bros
Mario and his fake mustache kids at the inauguration of "Avenida de Super Mario Bros"


This comes right on time with the 25 year anniversary of Mario, which residents couldn’t be happier about. "We are people who grew up living with video games. We know them very well,"  said Antonio Almudi Miranda, president of the Arcosur neighborhood association.. "I'm 25. I'm the same age as Mario."

He continued to express his appreciation for the fact that they received the name of a harmless plumber, instead of a war hero or other violent character. Obviously the man didn’t count the ethnic cleansing of Mushroom Kingdom from Goombas and Koopas as a violent act. But it is noble to see the youth speak out against the rampant war. Although, why is Call Of Duty: Black Ops already such a hit amongst youngsters then?

The unveiling also attracted quite a lot of media attention, which residents are hoping will pressure city hallto complete the rest of the works quickly, by the end of June of 2012.

Personally, I would like to live in Sid Meier Street; it even has that official ring to it, don’t you think? What would you consider a good street name?

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • that's... surprisingly awesome :P

    as for the street i live... it's named after a doctor which i honesly don't know who he is.

    Posted Nov 10, 2010
  • @BrunoBRS: Mengele?
    Posted Nov 10, 2010

  • This is awesome. i wouldnt mind living on or near that street. but now, if i lived on a street called Samus Aran Avenue, that would be awesome.

    Posted Nov 10, 2010

  • @daavpuke - LOL no. it's a local. i think he had a clinic where now is the bank.

    Posted Nov 10, 2010

  • Blast, and I am stuck on a street named after some Charles guy who was apparantly a Saint at one point in it.

    I'd rather be on Sonic street.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

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