Hello everyone at NoobFeed.com! It sure has been a while since the latest update regarding the community field. There is a lot to share in terms of user blogs, new and innovative ideas provided by some members, also, announcements that occured in the last couple of months and a lot more...


New Community Manager - Since Domen's departure a few months ago the CM chair was vague and after an intensive search the spot was filled by Cian, he'll be helping every each one of you in whatever you may need. Just give him a call, or send him a personal message.

New Moderator - deliduck was selected by "you know who" to keep the forums clean and friendly. We want to wish her good luck with the new tools!

Tagging Contest Winner - After an exausting count, Sleven was proclaimed winner and grabbed himself a shiny new emblem and got fame and fortune. He has won the contest but the real winner is NoobFeed with tags that will help for sure the ones that use Google.

Featured Blogs

In this update I think it's better you to click the blog tab at the homepage because there's a lot to share, which is always a good thing and proves once again that this litle corner in the internet is filled with genious souls that can give NoobFeed a smile and a thanks. 

Online Events

While some may call it official or unofficial, a good ammount of gamers decided to gather and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You can always take a look at the specific thread at the General Games Discussion board and check the latest news about it. Also, don't forget to add your remarkable ideas to make this event even better.  It's a good sign and we expect more of these events in the future. 

Community Tip(s)

Some times there are things that aren't right. Some times we need to think wisely before doing a mistake. If you want to mention a member in a thread/blog post, it would be nice to send him/her a pm asking permission first. We all know this is a free world but those things aren't allowed in some people's life code. Also, no trolling nor flamming targeting other members because we only make wars in videogames, not in real/virtual life... Probably a lot more should be explained but I think you got an idea. Here's an example for a better understading:  A few weeks ago RON grabbed my chocolat frog without my permission, and he doesn't give it back!

Member Spotlight (n00b Edition)

We have a good amount of new members among us. We would like to thank them for staying with us. I suggest keeping an eye on the Welcome Newbies board (WN for noobs) and give them a shout! Also, be sure to check the blog tab right in the homepage, you never know when one of those new members decide to introduce him/herself.

As you know, Tanya isn't feeling very well and we aren't happy. She is one of the most active members and can makes us all happy with her words. She deserves all the best and we do wish her a fast recover. It's been a while since her last visit and we are missing her. Get well, Tanya.

That would be all, see you next time!


Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • nice to see the community blogs finally back. short paragraphs with all the needed info, i like it.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • The writers also need a mention for putting up so many news and good articles.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • It's a good idea to publish it as News article.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • Congrats to Cian, deliduck and Sleven :) I hope to see Tanya back soon.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • Nice to se the community blog on the news section (which is a good idea)

    Thanks @Xiao

     hope Tanya get's well soon

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • Thanks for the mention. I like this blog as news. Make more sense.

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

  • Pretty neat idea to make it as news. Congrats to @deliduck and @Cian (hey when the podcast is going up). Now I have watch in agony when @Sleven gets to play that game. I really feel pity myself. Hmm Tanya is not back yet. That does it. I guess I have use my evil tactics to lure her to get in here.

    Posted Nov 12, 2010

  • @Koshai - Just trying to sort out some sound quality bits here and there - nealy done

    Posted Nov 12, 2010

  • Thanks for the feedback! 

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

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