Here’s a funny story: Have you ever heard of a game being too successful? From an unexpected corner, Steam recently encountered this problem when putting Deep Silver’s RPG Risen up for sale.

Risen - NoobFeed

Due to the unknown success of the title, Valve suddenly found itself missing activation keys for the game. People trying to login to their game, after ponying up the dough, started receiving “Failed to contact key server” en masse. This started quite an outrage from gamers that felt shorthanded, viewable in this large Steam forum thread. Valve took quite a bashing from its loyal subjects for allegedly not taking action, nor offering solace for these poor souls. And this from a company that has ta man with such renown, that he is listed in Forbes'  Names You Need To Know. Still, as a sparkle of light, it is good to see a less major title do so well for itself.

Risen - Huge Monster
Rise up against evil. Yes, I thought it was clever too.


Luckily, Deep Silver tried its best to get all the keys handled and shipped out as fast as possible and the conflict has been solved apparently. This gives me comfort to see my praise of their works coincide with their decent work ethics.

I’m not a huge fan of digital download, but I’ll tell you this: If you had bought a hard copy of the game, you’d be playing by now.  Food for thought.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.


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  • lol funny. imagine something like happening to Starcraft 2 if it would have been released in that same manner?

    Posted Nov 15, 2010

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