Bomb: PSP2's First Images

By canana, Posted 18 Nov 2010

VG247 got some images about the PSP2. For those who do not know, the development kit is basically a console that has been transferred or sold to companies that want to create games for the platform. The images are not very good, our apologies, but show some changes of the PSP. Apparently the PSP2 will have two cameras, like the Nintendo DSi.

Sony did not confirm the existence of the device, and even if it was official that is not necessarily the final shape of the console. However, analysis of the images shows a construction similar to the PSP's Go - with a sliding screen that covers the buttons and joysticks.

High definition displays and processing equipment would be much greater than today, with approximately twice the RAM. Moreover, it seems that there is already a second version of the kit without the sliding screen and more like the PSP-1000.

Despite all the controversy, Electronic Arts has admitted having seen the device and the developer said that Netherrealm Studios is already working with the kit. The PSP2 - as it was called - is scheduled for late 2011.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed


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  • wowowowowo Dramus likes...and when Dramus likes...Dramus will get...RELEASE THE KRAKENS SO THEY MAY CAPTURE ME A DEVICE!

    Posted Nov 18, 2010

  • ohohohohoho...... it's a great news.....


    let's put it in the most wanted list 2011..

    Posted Nov 19, 2010

  • Pretty slick looking (if this is indeed what it will end up looking like). There is no reason why they shouldn't try two thumb sticks, that would be great to see on a handheld.

    Posted Nov 21, 2010

  • wowow.

    Gr8 to know. :)

    Posted Nov 27, 2010

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