This just can’t get anymore “Blast from the past!” In a recent announcement, Atari has revealed to be rebooting their classic Yar’s Revenge. From 1981

Original Atari 2600 Yar's Revenge

This ancient space shooter was a one-of-a-kind in strange and flashy graphics, when it came to the Atari 2600. It had something to do with strange colors and trying to destroy the evil Qotile on the other side of the screen. I’m sure there’s a much better explanation, but my memory since I was 5 or so is quite hazy.

In any case, the 2011 set remake will take many a liberty on the concept as the teaser trailer hints to an anime-styled mech game, with incredible likeness towards Hideo Kojima’s Zone Of The Enders franchise. The development team, Killspace Entertainment, will be made up of ex-members from Obsidian and Pandemic and be set to appear on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


One can only wonder if Atari will be able to salvage this dinosaur and bring something novel to the table.

Please share your comments on whether or not it is wise to remake a blocky, 8bit game into a full-fledged next gen marvel.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • now this sounds good. any game that will have a slight likely hood to ZOE will usually be good...usually

    Posted Nov 18, 2010

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