Well it seems like the PSP2 isn’t the only thing Sony is having fun teasing us with. According to Joystiq, Sony is teasing a new, exclusive game for the Playstation 3, adding that this mystery title will be revealed on December 12.


This is also the day after Spike TV’s Video Game Awards (airing Saturday night) take place. Whether or not Sony will reveal other games and add this during the event remains unknown for now. All they've left us with is this image:



Unlike the LBP2-in-Japan teaser Sony pulled off earlier this year, the publisher hasn’t dropped any fat hints to what this exclusive game actually is. Is it Uncharted 3? Dark Cloud 3 (pretty please)? Or is it a new exclusive IP altogether? Whatever it is, Sony will reveal it pretty soon. If this gets you excited at all, better mark your calendars.


David Gabriel, NoobFeed.

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  • Hoping it's Sly 4...but it might not since it's already teased.

    Posted Nov 22, 2010

  • Hm, what could it be? I'm guessing that it would be an announcement of Uncharted 3. Make it happen Sony.

    Posted Nov 22, 2010

  • this could be interesting, my guess is that it's Uncharted 3 since there have been so many rumors about it lately

    Posted Nov 22, 2010

  • @Shindiggah : It's a little to early for Uncharted 3.

    Posted Nov 22, 2010

  • @Sleven what makes you say that? :/

    Posted Nov 23, 2010

  • @Shindiggah : Cause PS3 gamers are still talking as if Uncharted 2 is the best game they've ever played. Let it fade out a little.

    Posted Nov 24, 2010

  • @Sleven that would be terrible, announcing a sequel to a game while people are still talking about your franchise as beign the best out there is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Unless there is a solid decrease in quality between titles theres really no good reason to wait a while to release a sequel to a game

    Posted Nov 29, 2010

  • @Shindiggah : Take a look at GT5 mate. Do you think they will be doing bad business? I see your point too. But seriously though, I still think it's too early for the Uncharted 3.

    Posted Nov 29, 2010

  • @SlevenJ but take a look at killzone 3 or Cod Black Ops both of them had a prequel released not too long ago and black ops did good, and I'd eat my hat if killzone did the same. I see your side of things too though, I think either way whenever UC3 comes out it will sell amazing.

    Posted Nov 29, 2010

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