Flaming PS3 Black Ops 101

By Daavpuke, Posted 25 Nov 2010

You have to love the internet. From day one, mankind has used the technology deemed for learning, accessibility and personal expansion for marvelous things like tons of pornography, the perversion of any human thought and of course the anonymity of pissing on the collective world’s parade.

It is in this spirit that online petitioners have found a way to come together to spit their gall on Call Of Duty: Black Ops, by demanding a refund! Strangely enough this time, it’s not PC owners who are complaining of the poor quality, but Playstation 3 owners of the franchise who feel robbed. Claiming to have “sub-par graphics, buggy software and less features,” these angry gamers are distraught and then some.  They’re arguing with many citations that it isn’t fair for the Playstation 3 to be inferior to Xbox 360 with the same capabilities.

Noobfeed - Call Of Duty Black Sucks
There's always Gamestop...


See, this is why you shouldn’t stick to your screen to live and breathe hype for months on end. You’re only letting yourself get riled up for ultimate disappointment, not because of the game, but due to you expecting the moon and stars. Really: Who here agrees that Black Ops is a terrible game, by a show of hands?

You bought the game, dudes and dudettes. Some games are good and some games are bad, but a refund? If that’s so, I’m going to contact Namco for making me buy Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures and demand reparations for the decades of trauma’s the worst game ever has given me.

Stick to your guns, all the pun intended as this is the internet after all.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • I find it funny it's the PS3 owners.... When I bought the game for the PC it was quite literally unplayable...for me and hundreds of other PC owners. It is playable now...somewhat. I think if the game states it will run for certain computers and doesn't at all... refund should be given if asked for... I'm not sure about people whining about just plain crappy games though to get a refund... If your not satisfied with plenty of other products in this world they can be refunded...why not games to?

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • @deliduck: Because that would annihilate any buyer's responsibility. People come equipped with a brain to make them responsible for the products you purchase. If I don't research my purchase and end up short, I only have myself to blame.

    I only asked for a refund twice in my life: Once with Magic: The Gathering on PS1, because they sold us a German disc and once for Vagrant Story, also on PS1, because that game was so heavy, it didn't want to run at all. As I recall, we only got store credit for both even.

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • Well, i bought the 360 version and only had one snag and never again. the game is great, sure it could have been maybe a little better but over all i believe it to be a great game. ofcourse, i also belive its current success is because of the super hype the game has had for so many months...kinda plays on the masses.


    @Deliduck, in all reality, the things that you are allowed to be refunded in life are defective products and such things. complaints dealing with "the game isnt what it was hyped up to be" is just a cry baby way of saying you didnt like the game and want your money back. if thats the case then heck, maybe we should be refunded for everytime we buy alcohol and we think it taste bad. people dont just GO and waste $60 on something just for the fun of it. if you buy it is because you are sure you want it.


    in my opinion, the ps3 users feel robbed because of their fandom. i see waaaayyyy too much of that lately and its sickening...console wars everywhere. god forbid that there is a game that runs better on 360 than in ps3 these days...that will spark up such a storm that not even Chuck Norris, God, Optimus Prime AND Odin could stop...my belief anyways.

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • @Daavpuke I'm not saying cases shoulden't be looked at at all...or saying that every case of someone wanting a refund for a game should be honored ever...I know there are idiots and scammers out there for sure. But to employ this attitude that no one deserves a refund ever even if they are horribly dissatisfied is in my opinion a little harsh.

    Reviews, previews, gaming videos and screenshots don't always show what parts or the general whole of a game may really be like. Research may not always show some major issues with games. How is it fair to just put ALL the blame on the purchaser?


    A cry baby way? Again..a little harsh don't you think? One can't fully know what they are buying with any product a lot of the time...with games it can be even more so. There are plenty of people with truly wasteable income that throw money away like that... lol.  And you can't tell me that every gamer buys every game all the time because they are damn sure they want it. Sometimes they aren't sure...but get it because a lot of others are...because it's made by a certain company, because it was cheap etc.

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • I had trouble starting the game until I reinstalled it again. After that I didn't cause any problem. I understand why PS3 owners are demanding a refund. I enjoyed the game only because I stand along side the biggest fan of this franchise. But my expectations were way bigger. Like you said the moon and stars. But a refund! Nah. That's too much of asking. Like if you ask for PacMan 2 return. lol


    @Dramus : You called Chuck Norris before God

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • That image is an art of genius I feel sorry about those who paid and are disappointed.

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • -Raises Hand- Tis really poopie.

    Campaign has its moments, but generally it is very fast paced which is tiring when there is nothign to break it up. The vehicle sections are usually bad. The Helictoper bit controls like crap (GTA Vice City/San Andreas had the best Heli controls I've ever used), but the boat level was decent. Though it has its moments, campaign is quite bland with some controller-breaking-frustrating moments.

    Zombies is ok, but there is no point. You get nothing from doing it.

    Multiplayer is unplayable. The 3-shot rule (3 hits anywhere, you are dead) means whoever gets the first shot nearly always gets the kill. The only skill is in being able to find the bad guy first, which is like skill in Texas Hold 'Em (i.e. pure luck outside knowing when and how much to bet). The guns are poorly balanced. Full-autos are neigh worthless when compared to burst rifles. The FAL and M-14 are semi-autos and they 2 shot. The lag is terrible. I didn't play too much online, but every match had bad latency. There was times I was unloading into the bad guy and he just shot me twice and I died (killcam showed me just sitting there shooting maybe 1 bullet before he kills me). Running around was fine and the framerate was steady, but it didn't want me to shoot. Uncharted 2 worked fine, so it isn't my connection.

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • I don't know why people are crying about this game. Seriously, the game is fine and it's a best seller, either you like it or hate it. 

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • lol @ the "pornography" :P

    the only reason those things exist is to make smarter people laugh. remember the modern warfare 2 "boycott"?

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • I hear different things about this game, about the level of horrible on PS3. If people are wanting refund for it, imo it should be the devs and publishers that refunds those money. 

    Posted Nov 25, 2010

  • @Deliduck, yea semi harsh but truthful. i believe that most of us look into a game before buying it. or if its something we preorder, that its a game that we know what we are expecting. if it falls short of expectation after that, then thats something else. i mean, fine in this case a refund might be in check if the develops had not already patched the game to fix some of the issues but they have already fixed some of the issues asking for money is a bit on the extreme side.


    @Amaya, ofcourse Chuck before God. did you know that They wanted to put Chuck Norris on Mt. Rushmore but the granite wasnt tough enough for his beard.

    Posted Nov 26, 2010

  • I seem to be one of the few people on the planet who is playing this game on PC and enjoying myself simultaneously.

    Posted Dec 01, 2010

  • not soo good not as a expected my thought were too far

    Posted Dec 04, 2010

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